Fausti Class RDX: introducing the over/under shotgun

The Fausti Class RDX over/under shotgun that Fausti sisters gave us for the field test comes in an elegant green Abs case. The gun version in this case is the most classic, with an antique silver body, finely engraved with floral motifs on the smooth surfaces of the typical round body style, this time however revisited by Fausti designers with a lowered, more slender profile.

Fausti Class RDX hunting over/under

The Four Locks system by Fausti has four retaining points that ensure a double locking for greater safety and durability over time.

What remains unchanged is the soundness and the solidity brought about by the forged steel blocks and Fausti’s patented Four Locks system. This tried and tested system equipping both the company's shooting and hunting guns aims to achieve maximum safety and resistance of the firearm over time thanks to four retaining points composed of a pair of locks in the barrel’s frame for upright fastening of the barrels and by one additional pair of locks for a longitudinal mechanical fastening, thus providing a solid and strong orthogonal double locking.

The Fausti Class RDX over/under is available with antique silver or color case hardened finishes.

The shotgun at our disposal is in 20 ga, but the Class RDX over/under is manufactured in all the main hunting gauges; 12-20-16-28-.410 all made with dedicated body except for the .410 bore that uses the same action size of the 28 gauge. A second body finish is available, and it is the color case hardened version for those who want an even more particular look for their gun. The hunter can choose according to his own needs the selective single-trigger or double trigger system, combined with barrels that also in this case can be chosen among the various available lengths  (60-63-65-67.5-71-73-76 cm) with fixed or interchangeable chokes. The round pistol grip and forend with fine-pitch checkering are made from oil- finished select 3 A type walnut wood.

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