Hunting with Fausti Class RDX

It was given to me by the Fausti sisters to take it hunting and to test its qualities or possible shortcomings. After a few days spent in the mountains in the company of friends and dogs and in search of partridges and grouses, I can confirm the stability and accuracy of the Fausti Class RDX over-under shotgun through different tests, beginning on the shooting range and continuing on the hunting grounds. It’s a gun that I already described on other occasions, but it is worth remembering its strengths, both aesthetic and technical ones.

Fausti Class RDX: our impressions

Coming in two different and both elegant configurations, the Class RDX over-under shotgun features a rounded and low-profile action body engraved on a color case hardened surface or in the classic “old silver” version. Produced in all hunting gauges, from 12 to .410 with dedicated and proportionated receivers, thanks to its balance and style this gun is suitable above all to walking hunts, but when equipped with longer barrels it can entertain those who love stalking.

The barrels with standard 70 mm or 76 mm magnum barrels are in fact available in different lengths of 60-63-65-67.5-71-73-76 cm. Chokes can be fixed or, if requested by the hunter for different types of hunting and shooting, a set of 5 internal and interchangeable chokes is also available. Particularly important from the point of view of safety and gun strength is certainly the Four Locks closure patented by Fausti. Four retaining points, two on the barrels and two on the sides of the receiver, ensure durability and stability over time.

The trigger system, a selective single trigger in our case, is also available in the double trigger version, as well as the extraction system, which is either manual or with automatic ejection. The round pistol stock facilitates the grip in instinctive shooting, while the standard weight of about 2.5 kg makes the weapon stable for follow-up shots and pleasant to carry even for long hunting hours.

The open spaces where we mainly looked for partridges gave us the opportunity to appreciate the perfect ballistic performances of barrels and 4 and 2-star chokes (fixed in our case) in medium and long range shots. We will preserve with pleasure and satisfaction the memories of our hunting days with the Fausti Class RDX over-under, in the hills and mountains of the Italian Apennines, where even a single shot can make a whole day with our dogs count.

For more information on the Class RDX over-under shotgun please visit the Fausti Stefano Arms website.

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