For wild boar hunting: F.A.I.R. SLX 600 Slug and SLX 600 Battue over-and-under shotguns

A sober elegance makes the F.A.I.R. over-and-under shotguns of the SLX 600 series easily recognizable: these shotguns are undoubtedly pleasing to the eye for the quality of their wood and engravings, but above all they reliable for their specific intended use – hunting in the woods, for which they are specially designed. Never a predictable and often a demanding environment, woods require quick swinging and ruggedness as necessary requirements for the guns. The two F.A.I.R. SLX 600 Slug and Battue models can be the right choice for both hide hunters, trackers and dog handlers. Let's see why.

Why an over-and-under for wild boar hunting?

The trigger of the F.A.I.R. SLX 600 over-and-under is single selective or optionally double, with wide trigger guard.

Compact and sturdy, besides allowing a rapid aiming in instinctive shooting, the SLX 600 over-and-unders guarantee an unsurpassed standard of safety typical of break-action guns. In dangerous situations, in the most difficult passages in the woods, opening the gun allows to move in complete tranquility. Not only that – even reloading after shooting can be very fast with a minimum of practice, especially with automatic extractors, so there are few occasions in which you'll regret the fire capacity of a semi-auto. Each hunter's personal tastes  are however decisive when it comes to choosing, of course.

If they can be a valid option for those who wait for the wild game from a hide, break-action guns often become almost a necessity for those who guide the action of the dogs, pushing into the most remote and intricate corners of the woods where the wild game hunted by the dogs look for hiding places. The two rounds available are more than enough because very often it is the coup de grace or very close shots fired by the hunters to protect the safety of the dogs in front of the wild boar hidden in defense or wounded. Here the gun's lightness, allowing precise movements among the obstacles of the woods, and sights visibility in the darkness of the vegetation make the difference.

F.A.I.R. SLX 600 Slug and Battue over-and-under shotguns

The F.A.I.R. SLX 600 models, available in 12 gauge and 20 gauge, share the same configuration using fiber optic sights with millimeter adjustment, but with different ribs and rear sights. 

The Slug and Battue models differ in the sights. The Slug version has a special 12/8 mm combi rib with optic mounting and fixed rear sight with yellow insert.  

The Slug version features a special 12/8 mm combi rib with optic mount and a fixed rear sight with yellow insert. The Battue version comes with an upper Battue rib (ramp) with red central line and adjustable rear sight. Fundamental technical details that make it possible to find the most congenial solution for those who use optical aiming devices such as red dots, or find greater confidence with the gun by relying on iron sights adjusted to the correct height for their way of shooting and holding the gun.

The receiver of the SLX 600 over-and-under is made of tri-alloyed steel, machined from a solid billet, case-hardened and tempered with an old silver chrome finish. The particular deep laser engravings on the sides show the head of a wild boar in the woods, while on the receiver's bottom a male deer among floral motifs is pictured. The dark tone European walnut wood gives an elegant look to the rifle, blending well with the colors and patterns of the receiver. The stock has a pistol grip for a quick and firm purchase, the fore-end featuring the traditional Schnabel design. The fine-pitch checkering on the contact surfaces is laser made. The locking system with a large low bolt acting on a double lug - rugged and durable. The 55 cm barrels with a 3”/76 mm chamber have cylindrical chokes in the first barrel and 3 -star chokes in the second one, making them ideal for shooting in the woods.

F.A.I.R. SLX 600 Battue over-and-under shotguns
The 55 cm barrels make the F.A.I.R. SLX 600 Slug and Battue over-and-under shotguns compact and ideal for shooting in the woods. The general appearance of these over-and-unders is sober but elegant with dedicated engravings on the chromed receiver picturing a wild boar in the woods and a male deer on the receiver's bottom. 

Thanks to the F.A.I.R. internal geometry with a long internal cone, in addition to better accuracy you have a milder effect on the hunter's shoulder when firing, with a reduction in felt recoil. The trigger is available as a single selective version or as a double trigger version on request. As for shell case ejection, the hunter can choose between automatic or manual ejectors. The trigger guard is wide to make rapid operation easier and allow the use of the gun also when wearing gloves. The blued and pierced opening lever is a detail that increases the overall elegance of these over-and-unders. Safety and selector are located in the classic tang position, at the rear of the receiver. The total weight of the F.A.I.R. SLX 600 over-and-under in both the Slug and Battue versions does not exceed 6.17 lb/2.8 kg, confirming the lightness and compactness of these guns. 

the F.A.I.R. SLX 600 over-and-under shotguns
Due to their technical features, the F.A.I.R. SLX 600 over-and-under shotguns are suitable not only for wild boar hunting, but more generally for lovers of hunting in the woods.

The price for both models is about 1600 euros. A closing note on these guns designed for the woods is due: the technical characteristics just described make the Slug and Battue models two over-and-under guns that can be used also for woodcock hunting with pointing dogs.

F.A.I.R. SLX 600 "Slug" and "Battue" specs and prices

SLX 600 SlugSLX 600 Battue
3”/76 mm 
3”/76 mm
Barrel Length: 
55”/21 cm 
55”/21 cm
Manual/selective single* 
Manual/selective single* 
Length of Pull: 
14.48”/368 mm  
14.48”/368 mm
2800 g (12 gauge) / 2600 g (20 gauge)  
2800 g 
1600 euro approx. 
(price may differ depending on country and VAT)
1600 euro approx.
(price may differ depending on country and VAT)

*All versions can be requested with double trigger.

For more information about the new SLX 600 Slug and Battue over-and-under shotguns please visit the F.A.I.R. website.

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