Pedersoli Boar Buster lever action hunting rifle

Pedersoli Boar Buster 
Pedersoli Boar Buster Traqueur

A historic, classic-looking rifle but with a cutting-edge mechanics, this is the lever action rifle Boar Buster by Pedersoli. This company, recognized worldwide for ist replicas of historical muzzleloading weapons, offers to hunters and shooters marksmen weapons like this lever action BoarBuster. 

The rifle comes from the model 86/45/70 and 71 in .444 Marlin. This modern version features a walnut stock with a buttstock that is combined with a shock absorbing material to ensure comfort during fire and dampens the felt recoil. 

The 19 inch (483 mm)isbroached. The Picatinny rail allows for the application of modern optical or red dots. Driven hunts and especially wild boar, is indeed the intended use for which the weapon was designed.

Pedersoli BoarBuster is a compact, handy and well balanced rifle, with a total weight which slightly exceeds 3 kg. The rifle Boar Buster is available in different versions; with walnut stock, film-coated high-visibility or camouflage gray orange. The rifle is made entirely of stainless steel for superior resistance against external agents, while a camouflage coating film protects the wood stock.

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