Wild boar hunting with the Fausti Class Express in .30-06

The atmosphere that welcomes the hunter in Tuscia, Italy, is particular and fascinating: wild territories rich in history where the challenge with wild boars takes place among thick woods and Mediterranean scrub that were also the homeland of the ancient Etruscan civilization, of which it is not uncommon to observe the millenary remains while hunting. It is here that we are invited for a day dedicated to the wild boar by Vincenzo Spaccapeli and some dog-loving friends at the Piscin di polvere estate. The opportunity to see the packs of hounds at work on wild boar also coincides with the opportunity to bring with us the Fausti Express over-and-under double rifle, the Class version in .30-06 caliber. The terrain where we are preparing for a hunting and training day is very large and includes a driven hunt that will take place in over 100 hectares of woods and meadows crossed by streams which make the ideal environment for wild boars. We already tested the over-and-under on the shooting range on a running boar silhouette using the iron sights, but for this occasion we decided to fit this classically styled gun with a modern red dot sight, widely used by hunters and useful for instinctive shooting in the woods. Fausti has thought of equipping the rifle's rib with attachments for rails and sighting devices, so we decided to further equip our Class Express.

Video: wild boar hunting with the Fausti Class Express over-and-under

The steel receiver of the Class Express over-and-under
The steel receiver of the Class Express over-and-under is machined from a solid block and reinforced to guarantee resistance and stability even when shooting the most powerful cartridges.

Available in 12 different calibers, the Class Express over-and-under at my disposal in .30-06 Springfield is perhaps the great classic for driven hunting. The rifle is offered in 8×57 JRS, 9.3x74R, .30R Blaser, .30-06 Springfield, .444 Marlin, .45-70 US Government, .270 Winchester, .308 Winchester, 6.5×55, .243 Winchester, 7x57R, 6.5x57R. Slender in shape considering the size of the 20 gauge, the Class Express receiver provides great solidity and robustness, being machined from a solid forged steel block and with increased thicknesses. The 60-cm long barrels are ideal for their intended use and for the hunting environment. During the prolonged wait for the wild boar, I have the time to observe the details of the deep-laser made engravings with floral motifs that adorn the receiver sides and bottom –  in my opinion, elegance is not superfluous in hunting guns.

The Fausti Class Express on the hunt

the Fausti Class Express is an ideal gun for hunting in the woods
Compact and easy to handle, the Fausti Class Express is an ideal gun for hunting in the woods and for instinctive shooting.

During the movements in the woods I can appreciate the solidity and the compactness of the Fausti gun with a swinging agility that makes me always confident. The possibility of carrying the gun open, which is typical of break-action guns, is a great added value in rough terrain and the speed with which you can close the gun and be ready to shoot is lightning fast. We are anxiously waiting at our stand in the woods, hearing the dogs approach and the drive party  coming in our direction, until the boar hunted by the hounds decides to stop and face the dogs. It is at this point that, called at short distance by the dog-handler, we quickly intervene with a shot that must be as fast and accurate as possible in order to avoid injuries to the dogs and kill the boar on the spot. In a few but decisive moments the speed and stability of the Fausti Class reveal themselves with a short-range shot in the woods that must necessarily be aimed to the boar's head so that it's killed instantaneously.

We conclude the action giving the deserved prize to the dogs and with the satisfaction of having been able to try a rifle that in the woods has proved to be up to our expectations. It is worth remembering that the Fausti Express, thanks to its receiver, can be equipped with smoothbore 20 gauge barrels, giving the hunter who receives a size-customized Fausti gun the possibility to have both a double rifle for wild boar and ungulate hunting, and a 20 gauge over-and-under shotgun for other types of hunting.

For more information on the Class Express over-and-under please visit the Fausti Stefano Arms website.

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