+++ World premiere +++ Beretta introduces the BRX1 hunting straight-pull repeater: product presentation with exclusive video

+++ World premiere at Beretta: the first straight-pull repeater in the company's history +++

Product Manager Christian Schulte
Product Manager Christian Schulte presented the new Beretta BRX1 straight-pull repeater to the audience in all its details.

Some may see this as an international challenge to the competition. And indeed, that's exactly how we see it. Why, this first presentation should already answer. Several months before the actual event, a mail arrived at the editorial office. The sender: Manfred Alberts GmbH – the German distributor of Beretta and many other brands. The contents: an invitation to a premiere. In large letters, it read "The straight path to the target”. The editors, who were already somewhat excited, searched in vain for more clues. Accordingly, there was a lot of speculation as to what novelty it might be. To find out anything concrete, however, we had to be patient until the beginning of September 2021 and wait for the event. When the day arrived, some of the testers went to the Westerwald Shooting Sports Center. There, the presentation of the Beretta novelty was to take place. After a brief welcome, we immediately entered into medias res: In the presentation room of the shooting center, a still covered gun rack was waiting for the assembled journalists. After a brief introduction by product manager Christian Schulte, he lifted the cover. 

Three bolt-action rifles with three different optics were revealed – all three of them straight-pull repeaters. The introduction already revealed that the rifle is called the Beretta BRX1. The first impression of all4hunters.com and the colleagues attending was positive. At first glance, a hunting rifle with very strong features. Now that the BRX1 has been officially presented to the public, all4hunters.com of course does not want to withhold the details of the new hunting rifle from you:

World premiere: the new Beretta BRX 1 straight-pull bolt-action rifle in detail

Riccardo Olivieri from Beretta 
Ricardo Olivieri from Beretta vividly introduced the features of the new Beretta BRX1 to the attending journalists.

The straight-pull repeater comes with a linear reloading system. In concrete terms, this means that no rotation or lever movement is required. This promises particularly fast reloading due to an especially smooth bolt action. We were able to confirm this in the first dry-fire drills: without any problems, it was possible to cycle the rifle with one finger. The three-position slide safety is also located on the rear of the bolt – not a manual cocking device, as one might assume. This was easy to manipulate, but requires some familiarization in terms of operation. This is one of the special features of the rifle: The bolt handle can be removed in a few seconds, and the shooter can change the ejection side. In combination with the central safety, you have a fully-fledged left- or right-handed gun within a short time.

Beretta introduces the BRX1 hunting straight-pull repeater
Modular: many parts of the BRX1 can be removed or converted by the user (almost) without tools.

Further, the rifle comes with a good, crisp trigger. We had nothing to criticize about the model we tested. The second highlight is that the hunter can set the trigger to 900, 1100 and 1300 grams without tools. All the user has to do is remove the trigger assembly. The barrel comes in three lengths: 51, 57 and 62 cm, depending on the caliber selected. At market launch, the caliber choice is between 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield and .300 Winchester Magnum. Others are in preparation. The action comes bedded on an aluminum block in a black polymer stock. Here, Beretta works with different recipes to provide the optimal material at each point. The pistol grip can also be exchanged for an optionally available, slightly steeper version. At the rear, the shooter has the option of varying the length of pull by using spacers and different recoil pads. When presented, the stock proved to be grippy without cutting too sharply and uncomfortably into the hand. In general, Beretta has also designed the rifle to be modular: there is a barrel change option, and many parts can be removed without tools. In the future, Beretta wants to offer a complete "ecosystem" here. The company has also hinted at further model variants.

Video: features of the Beretta BRX1 and first test fires

Beretta expertise from the military sector in the BRX1

Large parts of the rifle come from law enforcement and military technology. No wonder, since Beretta equips many LE agencies. The action can serve as an example: here, Beretta uses its expertise in assault rifle construction. It is a rotating bolt, which is also used on those weapons. The advantage is that the action has been subjected to countless tests and has proven itself. For example, the bolt of the BRX1 has also been tested in accordance with NATO certification criteria. This means, for example, long-term tests with over 100,000 rounds or load tests with a bullet in the barrel – the BRX1 has passed them all. In magnum calibers, the gun comes with a two-row lug arrangement on the rotating bolt.

the BRX1's polymer stock
 In the BRX1's polymer stock, Beretta works with different recipes at different points. This ensures the ideal material properties.

Beretta BRX1 specs and price

Beretta BRX1
1599 euro 
Various (.308 Win, .30-06 as well as .300 WIn. Mag., 6.5 Creedmoor) – More calibers to follow
Magazine Capacity: 
5+1 rounds
Overall Length: 
43.11”/1095 mm (with 22”/57 cm barrel)
Barrel Length: 
20”/51, 22”/57 or 24”/62 cm1
Length of Pull: 
14.37”/365 mm
Trigger Pull Weight: 
2 lb/900, 2.4 lb/1100, 2.8 lb/1300 g2
7.27 lb/3300 g
Left/Right-Hand Version: 
1 Caliber-dependent, 2 Adjustable in three stages. M14 x 1 muzzle thread, Picatinny rail included.

First impressions: the BRX1 in the shooting cinema and on the shooting range

After the presentation, the audience was taken to the 100-m range and the shooting cinema. On the former, we were able to achieve some very good five-shot groups in the 1.18”/30 mm range. In the shooting cinema, too, the straight-pull repeater showed a very high firing rate. The action really impressed us – the path to the target is definitely very straight. In any case, we are looking forward to the detailed test.

But here is what we can already say today: a surprise for us was especially the price. The MSRP of 1599 euros is really competitive for a premium gun with this equipment. The new Beretta BRX1 has everything you need on board: a muzzle thread, a one-piece Picatinny rail, a high-quality red-orange magazine (5+1 rounds), ambidexterity, barrel change option, and a great, very smooth straight-pull action. We wouldn't be surprised if this were to compete with much more expensive rifles. But as the saying goes: competition stimulates business. So it's actually quite possible to do without a manual cocking system.

At the time of publication of this article, the new Beretta BRX1 is already available for you in well-stocked specialty stores.

More information about the Beretta BRX1 is available from Beretta.

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