Beretta Collection 2024: clothing for dynamic shooting

Clothing specifically for skeet and dynamic shooting finds its ultimate expression in Beretta's Competition Collection 2024. Each garment in the collection is designed to meet the movement and comfort requirements of the various disciplines. Lightness, breathability, elasticity and freedom of movement are the main characteristics of this line aimed at demanding consumers.

Behind the scenes of the Competition Collection 2024 lives and works a team of specialists who have been engaged for more than thirty years in the constant search for innovative materials and technologies, engaged in continuous experimentation and development of new solutions for sporting practice. Beretta is in fact a "tech design brand" capable of designing around man. And it is from here that the brand draws its inspiration: a dynamic user in total integration and symbiosis with his/her gear.

Beretta Collection for Practical Shooting

Dynamic shooting, internationally known as "Practical Shooting" or "IPSC Shooting", is a spectacular, fascinating and adrenalin-fuelled sport discipline in which the shooter requires extreme solutions in all aspects of competition, from the firearm to the ammunition, right down to the clothing that must provie high technical performances. By analogy, dynamic shooting is considered a bit like the "Formula One" of shooting disciplines, a competitive circuit where all the innovations in the field are put to the test in adrenalin-fuelled competitions played on the combination of accuracy, power and speed that the shooters and their equipment must meet to the highest standards. It is no coincidence that the Latin words "Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas" are the ones chosen by the International Practical Shooting Confederation for its motto.

The Beretta Rush Scratch polo shirt for practical shooting features "scratch" graphics on a honeycomb pattern reminiscent of composite materials.

Beretta's clothing line for the practical shooter starts with the Rush Scratch short-sleeved men's polo shirt in Polartec Delta, a lightweight, breathable and eco-friendly technical fabric. The Rush Scratch polo shirt combines comfort, thermal regulation and quick drying thanks to its high breathability. The fabric has an anti-odour and anti-UV treatment. Other features include a YKK front zip, a non-slip silicone hem, and of course the Beretta logo printed on the front and back. The garment takes its name from the "claw" graphics on the front, which add an aggressive splash of colour (Fluo Yellow, Green Stone or Blue Excell) to the black background.

The fit is regular.

Let's stay in the practical shooting polo shirt sector with the Rush Trident model, which shares all the features of the previous one with a graphic featuring the characteristic Beretta's three arrows logo. Also in this case, the colour scheme is very modern and dynamic, with the possibility of combining the blue background with fluo yellow streaks or the grey background with red accents.

The Polo Rush Trident shares the same technical features of the Rush Scratch model but has graphics inspired by Beretta's famous "three arrows" logo.

The retail price of the new Beretta Polo Rush is 99 euros, for both versions.

Rush EVO Pants

Beretta's Rush EVO Pants are available in black or khaki with a design that facilitates the wearing of a belt.

The EVO Pants for dynamic shooting sports are highly breathable and lightweight, made of stretch material with abrasion-resistant inserts. The low-waisted design provides the shooter with maximum freedom of movement and facilitates ease draw of your gun from the holster.. The silicone strip inside the waistband prevents your shirt from coming loose when moving athletically. Features of the Rush EVO Pants include easy-access back and side cargo pockets, YKK zips, heavy-duty belt loops, and a side magazine pocket.

The Rush EVO trousers are available in khaki or black with the Beretta Logo embroidered on the back. The fit is regular. The Beretta Estore price is 109 euro.

Bermuda EVO Shorts

For dynamic shooting in warmer seasons, here is the Rush EVO Men's Shorts, made of stretch material with abrasion-resistant inserts. Again, the low-waisted design ensures maximum freedom of movement and makes it easier to draw the gun from the holster. Here are the features at a glance:

The summer version of the EVO pants, i.e. the Rush EVO Shorts, is suitable for IPSC competitions in hot climates.
  • Silicone strip inside the waistband that prevents the shirt from coming loose.
  • Easy-access back and side cargo pockets.
  • YKK zips
  • Heavy-duty belt loops
  • Cargo pockets and easy-access back pockets
  • Side magazine pocket
  • Beretta logo embroidered on the back
  • Regular fit

The Beretta Estore price of the Bermuda EVO Shorts, which are available in khaki or black, is 89 euros.

Mini Headset E2

We conclude our overview with a product that is not strictly designed for dynamic shooting but can be used in any form of shooting sports. The Mini Headset E2 guarantees noise protection of 32db. The earplugs are made of soft silicone that adapts to the anatomical structure of your ears, ensuring comfort and stability during use. The package includes: silicone comfort earplugs (one pair per size: S, M, L), easy to clean and easy to find on the market; a detachable, adjustable cord with stopper; a soft microfiber case. Price is 29 euro.

The Beretta Mini Headset E2 with silicone earplugs can be used for any activity that requires hearing protection.

All these products can be purchased directly online in the Beretta Estore.

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