wildlife.fair – the new experience fair for nature and hunting enthusiasts: NürnbergMesse and BJV in interview

Anna-Catharina Heller, who is the target audience for wildlife.fair

Heller: “wildlife.fair is open to anyone who is enthusiastic about hunting, flora, fauna and natural habitats. Since it is an event for end users, there are no access restrictions such as those that apply at trade fairs, for instance IWA OutdoorClassics. The congress is also open to all interested parties, and will include special exclusive offers for industry professionals and opinion leaders in politics and society, for example. That means the products and services at wildlife.fair are aimed at all nature enthusiasts who are seeking inspiration for their passion. At this event they will find ideas, equipment and, of course, the right clothing for the special moments they spend in nature.” 

Ernst Weidenbusch, how does a hunting association come to launch an exhibition for end consumers? 

Weidenbusch: “For us as representatives of the hunting community in Bavaria and a recognized association for nature protection, it was a unique opportunity to link a nationwide professional congress with a trade show for visitors with an interest in the subject. We would like to make our commitment and our professional activities accessible to the wider public, and show what we, as hunters, are doing to preserve nature, especially for wildlife and its habitats.” 

Anna-Catharina Heller, how does wildlife.fair differ from other trade shows?

Heller: “wildlife.fair offers an entirely new concept in terms of purchasing and experience. That’s something visitors can look forward to! One thing that is certain is that we are starting with an informal but high-quality atmosphere and creating a purchasing experience that incorporates new digital opportunities in addition to tactile experiences and the chance to try things out for yourself. Visitors can look forward to a state-of-the-art hall-based show, including our ultra-modern daylight hall 3C, where everything revolves around fascinating natural experiences. They can try out and learn about new products to suit themselves, as well as browsing and shopping. We offer exhibitors a range of options for participation to enable them to present their brands to best advantage and draw attention to them. The accompanying congress will be a source of useful knowledge and discussions on all aspects of hunting, environmental and nature protection, and wildlife habitats. The Bavarian Hunting Association, which also functions as honorary sponsor of the fair, is responsible for arranging the programme as the congress organizer. Together we are creating a central launch pad for these themes in Europe for the first time.  

Ernst Weidenbusch, with regard to the congress as part of the trade show, what added value does this offer for the trade show visitors?

Weidenbusch: “One quite obvious unique selling point of the trade show is that the wider public has the opportunity to get deeply involved in the themes of the environment and nature as part of the congress. At this event we will provide information on habitats, animals that can be hunted and those that cannot, and the ecosystem as a whole. Visitors get information firsthand from internationally renowned scientists and practitioners.” 

Anna-Catharina Heller, what are the highlights that make the Event for Hunting and Nature so unique?

Heller: “Just like an enthusiasm for nature itself, wildlife.fair has many different aspects that will enable all visitors to identify quite personal highlights of their own, from a shopping experience to testing and trying products out, to the opportunity to share knowledge at the congress. Of course the physical well-being is not forgotten either. For me, combining a sales fair with a congress in this way is itself a quite special highlight, and one that is unique in this form. After all, it is not only the products that provide inspiration and take our passion for nature forward, but also the ability to share knowledge and engage in dialogue. That is what we are looking forward to in April 2022!”

Ernst Weidenbusch, environmental awareness is going to remain one of the major themes of modern society. Why does a hunting association perceive itself principally as an ambassador for nature and species protection at a trade show?

Weidenbusch: “We consider environmental awareness the most important theme affecting society. Nature and species protection, sustainability and environmental awareness are the focal point of our responsibility for the future of our planet. In this context, the Bavarian Hunting Association aims not only to be a recognized association for nature protection but to be THE recognized association in this field. We are nature experts and would like to share our knowledge with everyone. After all, nature is all of us.” 

We have summarized the most important information about wildlife.fair for you here. 

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