wildlife.fair: NürnbergMesse to launch new exhibition and congress for nature and hunting enthusiasts in 2022

+++ BREAKING NEWS +++ New public exhibition for hunting in Nuremberg +++ Only 4 weeks after the IWA trade fair

With wildlife.fair, NürnbergMesse will organize a new public exhibition for nature and hunting enthusiasts for the first time from April 9-12, 2022. The event will be held at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center. The wildlife.fair fits seamlessly into the overall concept with two other well-known exhibitions of the organizer and forms a strong trio: IWA - HUBANA - WILDLIFE FAIR.

According to Dr. Roland Fleck (CEO NürnbergMesse), this creates a new triad: "IWA, wildlife.fair and HUBANA Hunting Experience Days at Schloss Lembeck will form a strong trio in the NürnbergMesse portfolio for hunting, outdoor and nature enthusiasts as well as industry experts.” One of the main features of the new exhibition is the innovative concept: it combines experience, shopping and information. Factors that the IWA OutdoorClassics as a trade and order fair for end customers could not cover conceptually.

Experiences & shopping at the new wildlife.fair 2022

The wildlife.fair will have its own “worlds of experience” ready for its visitors, where one can not only inform oneself about specific topics, but many products will also be available for extensive testing. In a second hall there will also be the possibility of buying, because it will be completely dedicated to the shopping experience. This has a conceptual background, as Anna Catharina Heller (Director wildlife.fair) explains: “Because it is scheduled a good month after the leading trade fair IWA OutdoorClassics and at the start of the outdoor season, wildlife.fair is ideal for making new products accessible to the wider public for the first time.” Information as a framework: congress on wildlife, environment and nature

The third focus of the fair will be on the catchword information. This claim realizes the new fair in form of an accompanying congress meeting. The Bavarian Hunting Association is responsible for the technical contents, in cooperation thereby with the Bavarian Academy for Hunting and Nature. The topics are to vary from year to year, but the focus is always "[...] 

the sharing of knowledge on the subjects of hunting and the habitat of wildlife in the context of nature and environmental protection." In this context, NürnbergMesse emphasizes that the congress event will focus on these topics for the first time on a cross-border basis and offer a dialogue platform for science and politics, as well as opinion leaders and practitioners in the fields of hunting, nature and the environment. 

Ernst Weidenbusch, President of the Bavarian Hunting Association, explains:“In addition to inspiration and innovations, our goal with the new wildlife.fair also lies in sharing knowledge and discussing our interest in protecting nature and the environment, especially the wildlife, with players from the worlds of politics, science and society in general. The congress therefore invites everyone who feels it is their duty to act responsibly toward wildlife habitats and protect nature and the environment. We intend wildlife.fair in Nuremberg to become a state-of-the-art and lively meeting place for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.”

(left to right) Peter Ottmann (CEO NürnbergMesse), Robert Pollner (Secretary General BJV), Petra Wolf (Member of the Management Board NürnbergMesse), Ernst Weidenbusch (President BJV), Dr. Roland Fleck (CEO NürnbergMesse)
 wildlife.fair: (left to right) Peter Ottmann (CEO NürnbergMesse), Robert Pollner (Secretary General BJV), Petra Wolf (Member of the Management Board NürnbergMesse), Ernst Weidenbusch (President BJV), Dr. Roland Fleck (CEO NürnbergMesse).

The organizers: NürnbergMesse and the Bavarian Hunting Association ( BJV)

There is a strong duo behind the exhibition: NürnbergMesse is known as the organizer of IWA OutdoorClassics, the leading European exhibition for firearms, ammunition, hunting and outdoor. As is HUBANA Hunting Experience Days at Schloss Lembeck, which will be held for the first time in September 2021. In total, the company organizes around 120 national and international trade fairs, which are attended by 35,000 exhibitors and up to 1.5 million visitors each year.

As a hunting association, the BJV is a state-approved nature conservation association. In addition to the political and social representation of the interests of hunters in Bavaria, its technical core issues are the protection of species and nature, the preservation of game populations and their habitats, the hunting practice and the care of customs. The federation has over 50,000 members in 160 member clubs.

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