Test & Video: Steiner Ranger 6 3-18x56 – The short all-round riflescope for stand hunting and stalking

Until now, the German company Steiner offered the Ranger 4 and the Ranger BC series in its hunting product catalog. The proven riflescopes of the Ranger 4 line are currently available as 1-4x24, 2-8x42, 2.5-10x50 and with a 56 mm objective lens in the 3-12 and 4-16  magnification range. The BC (Ballistic Control) versions are available as 3-12x56 and 4-16x56. All these models have one thing in common: the fourfold magnification range. To expand the product offer, Steiner is now launching the Ranger 6. As the name implies, the new models have a 6x zoom, thus expanding their range of applications.

The Steiner Ranger 6 in detail

the universal Ranger 6 is comparatively short in its class
With a length of 13.3”/338 mm, the universal Ranger 6 is comparatively short in its class.

Despite the large zoom range, Steiner has managed to keep the overall length of the scope particularly short. This is a great advantage if you want to use a modern mount. The length of the optic combination thus remains within an acceptable size, keeping the rifle manageable and balanced. Especially because the weight of the new models from Steiner is below that of comparable products. All riflescopes in the Ranger 6 series feature High-Contrast ED glass – including this 56 universal scope. Steiner's own development ensures that game stands out perceptibly better from the surroundings. This should make it easier to approach and shoot safely.

Steiner Ranger 6 3-18x56 on Mauser 18
The 3-18x56 model of the new Ranger 6 series presents itself as a real all-rounder, here mounted on a Mauser 18.

Another help – to keep a good overview – is the large field of view (14.05 m at 100 m at the lowest magnification). The image appears natural, thanks to the high edge sharpness as well as the improved contrast. In the dark, a light transmission of at least 92 percent helps the hunter to keep everything in view. For a safe shot in poor visibility conditions, the clearly defined and precise illuminated dot is supposed to guarantee the necessary accuracy thanks to its fiber-dot technology. According to Steiner, this has also been improved compared to the Ranger 4 series and is now brighter and sharper.

For target acquisition, the riflescope is equipped with the 4A-I reticle. In principle, this is a 4A reticle, i.e. one with wide, clearly visible lines. The lines become finer towards the centre. This allows a combination of fast target acquisition and precise aiming. In addition, the illuminated dot is in the centre.

As with the tactical series from Steiner, the manufacturer places particular emphasis on the optic's ruggedness. Among other things, the lenses are factory hard-anodized according to military standards.

We present the Steiner Ranger 6 3-18x56 in a video:

Operating the Steiner Ranger 6 

On the shooting range, the scope was tested on the 100-m line. It proved to be easy to operate. The various controls were easy for the testers to manipulate. Qualitatively, everything made a very good impression: tight fits, nothing wobbled or creaked. The reticle adjustment was tight and clicked audibly. For long shots, Steiner has also integrated the ZeroMode into the series. Once the hunter has adjusted the reticle to the shooting distance or fired the rifle, he/she can use it to return to the same distance adjustment reliably and with repeatable accuracy. Under stationary conditions, the optics were brilliant and sharp – even right to the edge. The targets were clearly and distinctly visible, making it correspondingly easy to place the shots.

Steiner Ranger 6 3-18x56 specs and price

Model:Steiner Ranger 6 3-18x56
Price:€ 1649 (price may vary in your country)
Objective Lens Diameter:56 mm
Overall Length:338 mm
Main Tube:30 mm
Reticle:4A-I, 2nd image plane
Click Adjustment:1 cm at 100 m
Max. Elevation Adjustment:190 cm (100 m)
Max. Windage Adjustment:190 cm (100 m)
Parallax Adjustment:50 m - ∞
Weight:26.59 oz/754 g

Steiner Ranger 6 3-18x56: wrap-up

Steiner Ranger 6 3-18x56 top view
The controls: left, the windage adjustment; above, the elevation adjustment. On the right, illuminated dot and parallax.

With the new Ranger 6 series, Steiner's direction seems clear: they are offering a scope with many features, a compact design and at a fair price. A feature like ZeroMode is increasingly in demand among hunters, so it should not be missing from any riflescope. The same applies to the 6x zoom range. For many hunters, the well-known limit of 12x is no longer big enough. No wonder, because 18x already allows much more precise action. The short design makes the optic fit for night vision technology – this is also a big topic at the moment: more and more hunters are flirting with the technology. Therefore, this should be considered when buying a riflescope.

The 3-18x56 in particular covers a wide range of hunting types: stand hunting by day and night, as well as stalking. Due to its light weight, in combination with a light rifle, nothing stands in the way of longer stalks. If you are looking for an optic for this use, you should definitely take a closer look at the Steiner 56.

You can find out more about the rifle scopes of the Ranger 6 series on the Steiner Optik website.

Here you will find the presentation of the Steiner Ranger 6 series.

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