Steiner Nighthunter Gen2, the "next generation" thermal imagers

A couple of years ago on we presented the Steiner Nighthunter H35, which marked Steiner's entering into the the field of digital thermal devices. Now Steiner introduces the new generation of Nighthunter Gen2 thermal imagers: the series includes two handheld models and one clip-on for a “revolutionary hunting experience” through advanced, state-of-the-art technology capable of providing exceptional performance, especially under extreme conditions of use.

Steiner Nighthunter Gen2, top performance and ease of use

Starting with the handheld models, we have the compact and very light H35 Gen2 and the H35 Lite model.

The Quantum Vision technology is the core of the Nighthunter H35 Gen2, combining the best of thermal sensors, a state-of-the-art display and highly refined software. The model offers the most advanced and complex features to satisfy the most demanding hunters thanks to its top-of-the-line 640x480 thermal sensor, while the high speed software generates the best image in all weather conditions (rain, snow, fog). Available color palettes are White Hot, Black Hot, Iron Red, Fire, Red Hot, Amber. Add to this a high quality OLED display with a resolution of 1280x960 to improve recognition and identification and high contrast images with precise contours by providing a NETD < 35 for an advanced image enhancement. In terms of ergonomics, six special customized  buttons for ease of use are combined with a very light waterproof and durable Makrolon polycarbonate housing for a virtually indestructible surface that withstands shocks up to 3G and temperatures from -10°C to +50°C. The ergonomic eyecup can be changed for comfortable observation at all times. Moreover, the H35 Gen2 has a continuous working time more than 8.5 hours with on hand exchangeable batteries and power bank compatible.

The Steiner H35 Lite thermal viewer is a lightweight and affordable device with a 1-4x magnification.

The other model, named H35 Lite, does not include Quantum Vision technology: it is in fact a device that makes simplicity of use its strong point, delivering uncomplicated and essential thermal imaging capabilities. Here too we find special customized buttons, together with a high resolution OLED display for best thermal images and convenient software integration for fast and undisturbed observation. The H35 Lite has an extremely fast booting time of just 3 seconds and a practical and intuitive menu. The changeable battery system allows extended hunting experience. 

The Steiner C35 is a next-generation clip-on type thermal viewer that benefits from Quantum Vision technology.

Last but not least, the C35 Gen2 is the next-generation clip-on: compact and lightweight , extremely intuitive to mount and use, designed to be easily and securely attached to a riflescope without compromising its robustness and reliability during use. Also in this case, Quantum Vision technology ensures unbeatable performance and unparalleled viewing pleasure. The shock-resistant, lightweight aluminum housing is water-resistant and the device can be used in temperatures between -10 and +50 °C. The state-of-the-art display is characterized by the highest contrast in 6 different color modes (polarity) or in optimized color pre-selection depending on the landscape and weather.

As a side note, with the introduction of the Nighthunter, Steiner is bringing the new Steiner Connect App onto the market (available in the Google Play Store and App Store). The app, combined with network functions and features – such as the video albums – allows you to conveniently share your discoveries and adventures with your family and friends.
The Nighthunter Gen2 series combines great performance, ease of use and durability and is already available from specialized dealers.

Prices are 2,959 euro for the H35, 1,599 euro for the H35 Lite, and 3,199 euro for the C35.

The Gen2 of Steiner optics features great ease of use and full integration with the Steiner Connect App.

Steiner H35 Gen2, H35 Lite and C35 specs and price

Model:Steiner H35 Gen2Steiner H35 Lite
Steiner C35
Focal Length: 
35 mm F1.035mm F1.0
35mm F1.0
Field of View (at 100m): 
5x9.4 m7.5°x5.6°
<35 mK< 40 mK
< 35 mK
Resolution (Scanner): 
640x512 @ 12 µm400x300 @ 12 μm
640 x 512 @ 12μm
Resolution (Screen): 
1280x960 px640x400 px
1240x768 px
Frame Rate: 
50 Hz50 Hz
50 Hz
Quantum Technology: 




514 g350 g
460 g
Operating time:  
≥ 8,5 hours
> 7 hours

> 9 hours

2,959 euro1,599 euro
3,199 euro
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