Steiner Optik presents a firework display of brand new products for hunting & sport at Jagd & Hund 2024

The trend in optics is clearly moving towards high-tech. The keywords are integrated interface, Bluetooth connection and a corresponding app. This allows the devices to communicate with each other and users have the best possible information at their fingertips. Or it's about sheer optical performance. Steiner is launching a genuine 10x riflescope in 1-10x24 for 2024, which will now be a strong contender in the young premier class of LPVO ("Low Power Variable Optics"). There is also another trend: riflescopes are becoming ever shorter and more compact. The reason is quite simple: only a short riflescope harmonises perfectly with a corresponding clip-on for night hunting. And last but not least, Steiner is once again thinking more about sport shooters in 2024. A new, powerful red dot and an additional magnifier will make people sit up and take notice. But first things first:

Premiere at Jagd & Hund 2024: Steiner eRanger 8 riflescope and Steiner eRanger LRF binocular – two smart devices that communicate with each other

"The path to the target is much less rocky with Steiner!" The renowned German optics specialist will surprise visitors to Jagd & Hund 2024 with a brand new, ingenious combination of "intelligent" eRanger binoculars in 10x42 with integrated laser rangefinder and equally smart eRanger 8 riflescope, optionally in 2-16x50 or 3-24x56. The new optics can communicate with each other via mobile phone app and Bluetooth.

With the 1,100 gram eRanger LRF 10x42 binoculars (210x140x56 mm; HxWxD) you can do much more than just observe.

Let's start with the technical specs of the sensational new release in the form of the eRange series. The interplay between the eRanger 10x42 binoculars with laser rangefinder and the eRanger riflescope with 8x zoom opens up new possibilities for hunters for ethical, precise killings on the hunting ground. The handling of these digitalised high-performance optics from Steiner is extremely simple and intuitive. With the Bluetooth function, the distances measured with the eRanger LRF (maximum range: 3,000 metres) can be sent directly to the eRanger 8 riflescope, which is then displayed in the reticle. 

The combination of eRanger LRF 10x42 and eRanger 8 glass enables every hunter to make accurate shots even at long distances. But the eRanger LRF 10x42 can do much more.

The big advantage of the eRanger LRF from Steiner is that the hunter can easily find the impact with the "Impact Locator"

The 977-gram Steiner eRanger 8 riflescope in 3-24x56 with 34-mm main tube diameter. Note the control panel with the five buttons on the eyepiece housing. RRP: 2,899 euro.

The "Impact Locator" function of the eRanger LRF 10x42 makes the often time-consuming and nerve-wracking search for game easier. It is an electronic aid for locating the point of impact. The eRanger LRF 10x42 binoculars are able to measure the shooting point and navigate the shooter to it with pinpoint accuracy using the integrated digital compass and transmission to the Steiner Connect app on the mobile phone. The eRanger LRF 10x42 and the Steiner Connect App 2.0 can also be used to call up data from the last measurements, information on compensating for uphill and downhill shots, basic settings such as display brightness and other functions. Of course, the new eRanger optics can also be used as individual components, but the harmonious interaction between binoculars and riflescopes from the new eRanger series opens up completely new possibilities in hunting practice.

The 888-gram Steiner eRanger 8 riflescope in 2-16x50 with 34-mm main tube diameter. RRP: 2,799  euro.

With the new Steiner eRanger 8 riflescopes in 3-24x56 and 2-16x50 featuring a customisable display with tilt indicator in the field of view and the integrated real-time ballistics calculator, you will no longer lose sight of your target and save valuable time when firing. In addition to the familiar storage of the ballistic data of the ammunition used, an environmental sensor records the temperature, air pressure and inclination in real time. The ballistics computer then uses the data received from the sensor to automatically determine the bullet drop and shows the ballistic distance on the display. An indicator shows any tilting and thus eliminates any misses. The calculated distance can then be set in the display by operating the height adjustment turret.

All information relevant to the shot remains superimposed in the field of view so that you can see the data but never lose sight of your target. These sophisticated measurements and information reliably reduce misses, especially at longer distances. Of course, ballistic data can be stored for different calibers and loads and the display can be adapted for different types of hunting. All controls of the two new eRanger 8 riflescopes can be operated intuitively using the five buttons on the control panel.

Steiner also calls these models "hybrid optics". The reason is actually quite simple: both models also work in the basic optical functions without a battery. A quick look at the prices:

The two available models of the eRanger 8 riflescope from Steiner have an RRP of €2,799 and €2,899 respectively. Both variants will be available from May 2024. The new LRF binoculars from the eRanger series cost €1,799 and will be available from specialist retailers from March.

The 500-gram Steiner Ranger 10 in 1-10x24 with a 30-mm main tube diameter is made for dynamic situations at close and medium ranges.

The young market segment of the most powerful variable riflescopes with low magnificatio – known as "LPVO" ("Low Power Variable Optics") for short in international jargon – is growing and flourishing. This field of optics for dynamic application scenarios such as hunting on the move or IPSC/action was previously dominated by models with 1-4x, 1-6x or 1-8x magnification, with more and more scopes with 10x magnification now following suit. Alongside manufacturers/brands such as EOTech, Konus, Sightmark, SIG Sauer, Swampfox, Trijicon and Vortex, Steiner-Optik is now also getting involved in this field. The true 10x magnification and a wide field of view of 35.4 m at 100 m make the Ranger 10 the perfect riflescope for shooting at short and medium ranges. The outstanding HD optics ensure bright, brilliant and high-contrast images with high edge-to-edge sharpness and the large eyebox means that you can take aim particularly quickly on driven hunts and acquire your target in a matter of seconds. This enables a quick response at rapidly changing distances in any situation.

Brand new and extremely compact: Steiner Ranger 4S in 4-16x44

The new Ranger 4S in 4-16x44 has nothing to hide when it comes to the relationship between compact dimensions and performance. The Ranger 4S weighs just 518 grams and is 27.8 cm long. According to the manufacturer, it is over 25 per cent shorter than comparable products with up to 16x magnification from other manufacturers. The optimised weight distribution thanks to the short and lightweight design ensures improved gun balance, while the greater distance to the silencer additionally protects any clip on. 

In combination with the compact Steiner Nighthunter C35 thermal imager clip on, the new Ranger 4S in 4-16x44 is just as easy to handle as a conventional riflescope without attachment. Both devices are a perfect combination for night hunting.

The Steiner Ranger 4S is ideal for mounting clip ons. In combination with a compact Nighthunter C35 thermal imager from the manufacturer, it is just as easy to handle as a conventional riflescope without an attachment. That should please the hunter.

New combination from Steiner for sport shooters: T1Xi red dot sight & TM3X magnifier

The Steiner TM3X magnifier can be switched on or folded away in no time at all thanks to the folding mount.
The new Steiner T1Xi red dot sight seen here can be effectively used together with the equally new TM3X magnifier.

Weighing just 200 grams, the Steiner T1Xi red dot sight with closed housing reflects the legendary Steiner ruggedness and has a switchable reticle with central 2 MOA aiming dot, 2 MOA centre dot with surrounding 60 MOA circle or surrounding 60 MOA circle without central 2 MOA aiming dot. The compact design leaves plenty of space on the MIL-STD-1913 optics mounting rail of modern rifles for further optics components and additional equipment, whereby it is of course compatible with magnifiers.

This is a "perfect-fit" for long guns and is primarily intended for sport shooters and IPSC. Speaking of which, Steiner-Optik is offering the new TM3X magnifier with 30-mm main tube diameter and 3x magnification to match the T1Xi, which is identical in terms of weight and considerably extends the operating range of the red dot sight. Both models should therefore be reliable, flexible partners on the shooting range or on the hunting ground. Don't worry: we will be testing them in practice for you shortly.

More information can be found on the manufacturer's website: Steiner is a brand of Beretta Holding.

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