Pulsar CORE FXQ38 and FXQ50 thermal imaging attachments

The Pulsar CORE FXQ series of thermal clip-on thermal imaging attachments are the latest update of the CORE concept, presented at the IWA back in 2015. The series includes two models, the Pulsar CORE FXQ38 and the FXQ50, that are essentially identical except for the different focal length - 38mm and 50mm - of the fast  F1.2 Germanium  objective lenses used.

Pulsar CORE FXQ38 in use
All controls of the CORE FXQ series of clip-on thermal imaging attachments are concentrated on top of the device and are easily opetated with one hand

The Pulsar CORE FXQ  is basically a Thermal Imaging converter, that can be mounted in front of most hunting daytime riflescopes to add thermal capabilities without removing the riflescope from the gun, and with almost no shift to the optic's zeroing.

Specific collar bayonet-type mounts are available for the most popular riflescope front objective bell diameters: 40, 42, 50, and 56 mm; also, a quick release Weaver mount is available for use on railed forends.

Native magnification of the Pulsar CORE FXQ is 1x (unitary). The CORE can also be used as a monocular, using an optional 3.1x magnification eyepiece accessory. The microdisplay used is a monochromatic green 640x480 OLED, with excellent constrast and sharpness; the sensor is a 384x288 resolution Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer.

Pulsar CORE FXQ38 and FXQ50: compact, light and flexible

Pulsar CORE FXQ50 thermal imaging attachment
Both the CORE FXQ38 and FXQ50 attachments are very compact and reasonably light. Note the bayonet-type clip-on system; it uses a ring mounted on the objective bell of the daytime riflescope

The Pulsar CORE FXQ38 and FXQ50 thermal Clip-On attachments are lightweight and very compact, adding only only 190mm to the riflescope length, and 400 grams (without batteries) to the overall weight of the hunting rifle.

The CORE FXQ devices use two CR123A batteries, for 4 hours of continuous operation. External power banks are optionally available. 

Pulsar CORE FXQ thermal imaging attachments are large caliber shockproof and IPX7 waterproof, feature fast 50 hz refresh rate and can be used both in broad daylight and night conditions.

Hunting with the CORE FXQ thermal imaging attachment from Pulsar
The CORE FXQ thermal imaging attachment adds only 190mm to the riflescope length, and 440 grams to the overall weight of the hunting rifle

The Pulsar CORE FXQ38 and FXQ50 thermal imaging attachments are already available at your favorite Gunshop, at a MSRP of 3.450 and 3.650 Euro, respectively.

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For more information, please visit the Pulsar website.

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