BREAKING! Leaked images of new Pulsar Thermal Imaging monocular

Pulsar is working on the smallest and most compact, state of the art miniature thermal imaging monocular. A source leaked a few “stolen” images of the monocular in use; what we can gleam of the design from these pictures is that it most probably employs a higher level of technology than previously ever used by Pulsar and that also features a redefined design and materials, with different power sources than the present standard of Pulsar proprietary rechargeable batteries. 

The brandnew Pulsar monocular compared to a Helion. Note how small it is.

Also, it seems to be more than a production prototype, maybe in the final stages of production. Not even a name has yet to be released, however our source, which has briefly tested the monocular, was enthusiastic in highlighting the size, lightweight and performance of the unit.

It can also be seen in one of the pictures compared to the already compact and state of the art Helion thermal camera. As soon as we have additional details, we’ll be sure to release them to our loyal readers!

We are sure the product will officially be showcased by Pulsar at SHOT Show 2019. Stay tuned to!

More info about the brands Yukon / Pulsar:

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide is a Lithuanian company designing and manufacturing outdoor optics, including binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle sights, rangefinders and night vision systems.

The company owns factories in Lithuania, Belarus, Scotland, USA. Other factories are based in Scotland (Polaris Vision Systems), USA (Pulsar Systems USA), Lithuania (UAB Yukon Advanced Optics, and China (OPYU Enterprise China). The company also market teleselescopic sights and night vision devices under the brandname PULSAR.

The brand Yukon Advanced Optics is used for products for the medium to upper end of the consumer and professional market, while the brandname Pulsar is targeted towards the higher end consumer and professional user.


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