Field test: GPO (German Precision Optics) Rangeguide 2800 10x50  Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

Well, let me introduce to you all my great helper Rangeguide 2800 10x50 laser rangefinder binoculars from the German Optics Company GPO

the GPO Rangeguide 2800 
Here I am using the GPO Rangeguide 2800 10x50 on one of the hunting permissions to spot the muntjac deer. It could be very challenging to spot this small deer in forest vegetation – but not with these binoculars.

I’ve been using these binoculars on my personal hunts and during professional deer management programs since 2019 and can categorically say that these are by far one of the best binoculars on the market – for me the price/quality ratio is incomparable. 

The GPO Rangeguide 2800 Laser Rangefinder binoculars offer excellent light-transmission, crisp image at low light levels, close focus and great color reproduction. 

The Rangeguide 2800's magnesium housing design provides ruggedness with minimal weight like no other brands. 

Top-class and fastest on the market laser rangefinder with a capability of 2800 m, angle and temperature readings.

This binoculars come with neoprene neck strap, user manual, cleaning cloth, hard case with strap, objective and ocular covers and CR2 batteries.

GPO Rangeguide 2800 10x50: specs and price

Binoculars Specs

Objective Diameter:
50 mm
Field of View (FOV) at 1.000m:
110 m
Exit Pupil:
5 mm
Interpupillary Distance:
58 – 76 mm
Close Focus:
3  m
Diopter Adjustment (dpt.):
+/- 5
Eye Relief:
17 mm
Waterproof (Mbar/cm):
Brithness Modes:
9 levels
Weight (excl. Battery):
1050 g

Laser Specs

Range Max. (Reflective Targets);
2800 m
Range Max. (tree):
1000 m
Range Max. (deer):
700 m
Min. Range:
3 m


True Range (Slope):
Scan Mode:

Display Specs

Scope of Delivery:
Neoprene neck strap, user manual, cleaning cloth, hard case with
carrying strap, objective covers, ocular cover
1575.62 euro (price may be different in your country)

Summary of my field test of the GPO Rangeguide 2800 in 10x50

Ever since I started using these binoculars I fully appreciated the quality of the image this product provides. 

Rangeguide 2800 binoculars
Rangeguide 2800 binoculars, my number one companion on any hunting/deer management or deer survey trips. They are giving me an opportunity to spot the deer from greater distance and have a good look all around, measure the distance, temperature and angle if needed.

GPO Rangeguide 2800 dramatically improved productivity of my outings and I can’t recommend them enough to other hunters/users.

The lightweight body doesn’t put too much pressure on your neck and therefore you can spend a lot more time on the ground. The neoprene neck strap is very comfortable and spreads the load on your neck evenly, plus your neck doesn’t sweat underneath it. 

As soon as you turn on Rangeguide you instantly can understand how it operates and the buttons make 100% sense. 

Readings are very clear and precise, the brightness of the display readings could be adjusted to any suitable level of brightness to avoid being blinded by it in low light levels. 

Every person who picked up my pair of GPO Rangeguide 2800 10x50 raised their eyebrows – meaning that they were surprised how clear and sharp the image was, and they were even more surprised when they’ve heard how much cheaper these binoculars are compared to equivalent competition.

Personally, I think that after you use GPO Rangeguide 2800 10x50 you won’t look at anything else.

For more information please visit the GPO website.

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