Danielle Valkyrie at the GPO Long Range Event 2022 on the Seetal Alps – An event with an extraordinary atmosphere 

An impressive location for the GPO Long Range Event 2022: up on the Speik Plateau of the Seetal Alps military training area at an altitude of approx. 1,900 meters.

German Precision Optics (GPO), the German optics manufacturer, impresses with its products through extraordinarily attractive prices, high quality standards and minimalist, clean design. all4shooters.com has already reported several times on the manufacturer's optics.

Not only was I allowed to test the products from the German optics manufacturer for all4shooters.com, I was also allowed to do so in the best possible environment. It's not often that you get the opportunity to move around a military training area that has been used by the military since the early 19th century. Especially since the shootable distances are over a kilometer and every long range shooter knows how rare such opportunities are in Europe. But it is not only the shooting distance that makes the training area so special. The training area is located at around 1,900 meters above sea level and is already above the tree line. At the same time, it is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. 

GPO Event: long range shooting in front of breathtaking scenery

After an extensive practice on the lower shooting range and a sumptuous snack, all participants were ready for the shooting range located in the high mountains. Because there the testing should really start. Instead of 100 and 200 meters as below, shooting ranges of up to over one kilometer are possible at the upper practice range. Together with the GPO team and the other participants, we then headed up to 1,900 meters above sea level. Driving in convoy, past an idyllic mountain lake, through the magnificent mountains of the Seetal Alps to the shooting range. After about a 10-minute drive, we finally reach our destination. With this view, one has no choice but to gaze into the fabulous nature all around. Only on closer inspection does it reveal the well-placed targets consisting of paper targets, clay pigeons laid on stones, an old tank and bobber targets that swing down after a hit and then swing up again by themselves – making it easy to record hits even without a spotter.

In front of us, the rifles provided by Steyr Arms with the mounted GPO scopes were ready on tables and on the floor. We could later try our hand at various aiming positions, both sitting and prone – a real challenge that was also really fun and demonstrated the performance of the equipment very well. Let's go!

With the GPO Rangeguide 2800 and Spectra 6x 4.5-27x50i LR Pro on the long range course

What a great scenario that presented itself to the participants here! Where better to try a rangefinder like the GPO Rangeguide 2800 10x32? This model weighs only 690 grams and measures distances up to 2,800 meters. But it not only measures distances reliably and accurately, but also temperature, air pressure and humidity. The brightness is adjustable in 9 settings and the GPO Rangeguide has an integrated protractor. The rangefinder showed me the distance to the targets with repeatable accuracy every time. The colleagues from all4hunters.com have also already tested the Rangeguide 8x50 extensively on the hunt.

The German Precision Optics (GPO) Spectra 6x 4.5-27x50i LR Pro on a Steyr SSG M1.

Once the distance has been measured, you can sit down at the scope and make the necessary adjustments. A few clicks later, for elevation and windage adjustment, you are ready for the first shot.

The Spectra line of GPO riflescopes comes in magnifications from 1x-8x and in different price ranges. I used the Spectra 6x 4,5-27x50i LR Pro on a Steyr SSG M1. The scope occupies a really attractive price segment with a price of under 1,400 euros. The aluminum body, machined from a solid billet, is sturdily built but still light and compact. With an adjustment range of 320 cm at 100 meters, much more than the 1,000 meters would have been possible. It can also withstand a full day of heavy caliber and high cadence. The finely marked, continuously illuminated LR Pro reticle has good contrast and there is a large exit pupil. This makes the scope comfortable to use and designed with durability in mind.

Well attended and perfectly organized: the GPO Long Range Event 2022 at the Seetal Alps military training area.

What distinguishes the products from GPO (German Precision Optics)? 

All GPO products that I was allowed to test inspire me not only by their attractive design but also by their optical performance. The wide product range provides the right optical device for many activities in hunting and sports. In recent years, GPO has positioned itself very well with the entire range in the circle of established optical manufacturers. Today the products are marketed under their own GPO label. Product selection, product design and sourcing go hand in hand and thus offer the user not only a large selection but also a truly excellent price/performance ratio. This becomes especially clear when you can touch and test many models of the up-and-coming manufacturer live at the same time.

It was a unique experience for me to test the products of GPO in such an impressive environment! The event and the products of GPO will certainly remain in my memory for a long time and I hope I could pass on at least a small part of the fascination to you. 

In addition to rangefinders and rifle scopes, GPO also offers binoculars and thermal imaging technology. You can get an overview on the German Precision Optics website.

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