Practical test: Delta Optical Titanium 9x45 HD RF rangefinder binoculars – affordable but effective

Delta Optical is a Polish manufacturer that develops, manufactures and sells riflescopes, binoculars and other optical devices. 

The rangefinder of the 9x45 HD RF from Delta Optical logo
The rangefinder of the 9x45 HD RF from Delta Optical is powered by a CR4 battery.

The products are particularly popular in Poland and other Eastern European countries, as they offer a very good price/performance ratio. 

This brings us to the main topic of this review: the interest in binoculars with rangefinders that are not too expensive and still offer good performance is growing. 

According to the aforementioned good reputation, the Delta Optical 9x45 HD RF is a good candidate for young hunters. Therefore, we subjected exactly this device to the practical test for a longer time.

Technology in focus: the built-in rangefinder of the 9x45 HD RF binoculars from Delta Optical

The eyepieces
The eyepieces of the Delta Optical Titanium 9x45 HD RF.

The highlight of the model is the built-in rangefinder. According to the manufacturer, it works reliably up to a distance of 7792 ft/2375 meters. When hunting roe deer in Romania, our cameraman measured distances of up to 8530 ft/2600 m, which was certainly due to the good weather conditions. In the Alps, the limit was at 1600 meters. The reason for this was clearly the weather. In sleet, cold and fog, it was definitely not so easy for the laser rangefinder to find a response point in the landscape where the distance could be measured. By the way, the rangefinder in the Delta 9x45 HD RF is powered by a CR4 battery. It finds its place in the central focus adjustment knob.

The actual viewing experience of the model is also good – there is some lack of sharpness at the edges, but this is tolerable in this price range. Even in twilight, you can reliably target game with the Delta Optical Titanium 9x45 HD RF. The twilight factor is 18.3 and even though this value may be somewhat lower compared to competitors in the upper price segment, one should keep the price advantage in mind at this point and for this specific equipment feature.

Twilight performance of the Delta Optical Titanium 9x45 HD RF and the price/performance check

The Delta Optical 9x45 HD RF in a box
The Delta Optical 9x45 HD RF comes safely packed in a box.

We also had the binoculars with us on a buck hunt in Germany and were able to compare the optic directly with the Zeiss Victory RF 10x42 (twilight factor 20.5) in twilight. The advantage in terms of twilight factor of 2.2 of the high-priced model from Zeiss proved to be marginal. The price difference of about 1500 euros did not seem proportionate to us at this point. Ultimately, the shot is released using the scope and rifle, which is why you can certainly invest the aforementioned price difference elsewhere in your equipment, for example, in a night vision or thermal imaging attachment when it comes to hunting in low light conditions.

Delta Optical Titanium 9x45 HD RF
All in all, the overall package of the Delta Optical Titanium 9x45 HD RF convinced us.

Negatively, two things stood out during the test, which are not particularly weighty but must be mentioned at this point: weighing almost a kilo, the binoculars are massively and robustly made. When stalking, this weight was felt at some point, and weaker hunters in particular might be bothered by the weight. But as already mentioned, this is complaining on a high level, because most buyers won't even notice it. In the main field of use – blind hunting – you will be able to cope well anyway. Another point of criticism is the attachment of the eyepiece protection caps. Here, one or the other will certainly make the same experience as the author, who lost one of the two caps while stalking. The locking mechanism for the protective caps loses its holding force at some point, be it through intensive use or temperature fluctuations. The locking of the protective caps on the underside of the binoculars is the weak point. The manufacturer could certainly improve this.

The binoculars come in a practical, rubberized transport/storage box with straps, a neck strap and the aforementioned protective caps.

Delta Titanium 9x45 HD RF rangefinder binoculars specs and price

Model:Delta Optical Titanium HD 9x45 HD RF
Price:1290 euro (price may be different in your country)
Objective Diameter:45 mm
Field of View:
117 m / 100 m
Min Focus Distance:11.48 ft/3.5 m
Twilight Factor: 18.3
Laser Range:
7792 ft/2375 m
Minimum Ranging Distance:
45.11 ft/13.75 m
Power Supply:
CR2 battery
Waterproof:30 minutes at one meter (IPX7)
Dimensions (LxWxH):154x127x68 mm
Weight:34 oz/965 g

Delta Optical Titanium 9x45 HD RF test wrap-up: great binoculars with rangefinder

The Delta Optical Titanium 9x45 HD RF cuts a very good figure in most hunting situations. The workmanship is high quality, their use is very easy and the overall concept regarding haptics, operation and functionality is also right. To come back to the target group mentioned at the beginning, especially the young hunter: the price/performance ratio fully convinced us. If you are looking for good, yet inexpensive binoculars with a rangefinder, you should take a closer look at the Delta Optical we tested. There are very few offers on the market that are cheaper.

 What we liked:

 What we found less good:

Reliable rangefinder
Attachment of protective caps
Robust construction
Relatively high weight
Good optical quality

Compact dimensions

Very good price/performance ratio

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