Baschieri & Pellagri Mygra Colombaccio

Baschieri & Pellagri cartridges are synonymous with a fusion of tradition and technology. This is evident in the meticulous attention to detail and ever-increasing research and development budget for ballistic performance, and in the use this ammo produced by the manufacturer from Bologna is put to, aiming to satisfy the needs of hunters specialising in traditional hunting as well as in the latest techniques that have only quite recently been acquired. 

And what could be more traditional yet at the same time topical than wood pigeon hunting? This typically migratory species has been the dream of many hunters and it continues to thrill many hunting enthusiasts in their hides when migration starts in autumn, but this is also very versatile game that’s managed to adapt more and more to changes in its natural environment, first becoming a species that winters and finally nesting in many new areas.

Wood pigeon in the fields
The wood pigeon, this emblematic game that marks the start of the autumn migration, has settled in vast areas and can be hunted in many different ways.

A rich resource for hunters who soon adapted to the welcome change in the wood pigeon’s habits, adopting and testing new hunting techniques that continue to exploit the gregarious nature of the game, using live decoys and many other techniques to extend the hunt for this splendid bird to the entire hunting season. 

Tough game and with excellent flying skills, the wood pigeon is hunted using specialised hunting techniques, accessories, guns and ammo. 

Baschieri & Pellagri have always included multiple products for migratory game in its range and has now developed a cartridge with specific characteristics for shooting wood pigeon as part of its Mygra range, which can be used in the various situations you may find yourself in when hunting this game.

Baschieri & Pellagri Mygra Colombaccio
Many enthusiastic hunters who specialise in hunting wood pigeon do so using specific shotguns and cartridges such as the Baschieri & Pellagri Mygra Colombaccio.

Containing 36 grams of No. 5.5 white hardened lead shot with 5% antimony, the Baschieri Mygra colombaccio cartridge is designed to give you a regular and compact spread at long ranges. The powder used is the classic and reliable F2 36 lamellar powder suitable for temperate climates typically found in autumn, conditions in which it has proven to be decisively lethal with a high muzzle velocity. 

The 12-gauge has a standard dose, and it’s not too powerful to guarantee greater comfort on a hunt where you may be taking a lot of shots. The muzzle velocity of the Mygra cartridge is an impressive 408 m/s. The plastic Gordon System case developed by Baschieri is no longer a passive element but a decisive factor in creating just the right feeling and making the hunter feel comfortable with the cartridge, reducing recoil thanks to its compression, measuring 70 mm long with a 16 mm head and a star crimp.

Taking a shot at a wood pigeon
Due to its technical features, its velocity and the compact spread thanks to the cup wad, the Baschieri Mygra Colombaccio 36 gram 5.5 lead shot cartridge is ideal for medium to long-range shots.

Its characteristics, like the plastic cup wad, make this cartridge the optimal solution for your second or third barrel when hunting from a hide, whereas you’d usually be using a cartridge without a cup or with a felt wad and smaller diameter shot for close-range shots in your first barrel. 

You can use it for your first barrel too in open areas where shots are usually taken at longer ranges. 

The Mygra colombaccio is a high-performance solution for difficult shots at medium to long ranges where you need a charge with notable residual energy and high penetrating power. 

Wood pigeon
With a F2 36 powder charge, the Baschieri Mygra Colombaccio cartridge is perfect for hunting wood pigeon at the end of summer and throughout autumn, right up to the first cold winter days.

Wood pigeon in fact can fly to the limit of your range in just a few wingbeats, and in many situations and a variety of environments such as when hunting in the fields, or flyways where hunters lie in wait for the game to pass, they can suddenly appear at great heights and extreme ranges. 

From hunting in the fields where wood pigeon have become the undisputed protagonists for the entire autumn season, to the beginning of winter before the temperature becomes too cold when you should start using another type of cartridge, such as those Baschieri produces with specific loads that we will talk about at a later date, Mygra Colombaccio cartridges are a reliable ally for hunters who want their just rewards for the long wait and commitment hunting this game requires. Also available in 20-gauge, the Mygra Colombaccio cartridge has the same features as the bigger bore cartridge with a 31 gram load of No. 5.5 white hardened lead shot that develops a muzzle velocity of 375 m/s.

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