Baschieri & Pellagri MB Tricolor

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the MB Tricolor is the start of the hunting season. A classic cartridge, as trustworthy as it gets for fine sedentary game, plays the role of the protagonist from our very first day back out in the rough. The famous MB powder, in two power versions, is used for all the cartridges in the vast Baschieri MB range, from the light loads of the MB Light to the heavy 38-gram load of the MB Winter. 

In the Tricolor, the use of a felt wad guarantees a perfect spread at the short to medium ranges you will be hunting at in the wild with your dogs. With a standard 36-gram load in the 12-gauge version, it is available with various shot sizes; from No. 7, ideal for your first barrel when hunting partridge or pheasant, right down to 0. With larger shot, it is an extremely versatile cartridge, which can also be used for difficult shots at medium/large game such as hares and waterfowl.

The consistent performance of the MB Tricolor translates into a muzzle velocity of around 400 m/s and optimal spread thanks to the wad used and the technique adopted to close the rounded edge of the cartridge case. The gas-tight seal is guaranteed by a plastic couvette over the powder.

Dating back to the early 1930s, MB powder was designed to meet competition pigeon shooting requirements, and three hunting cartridges were produced respectively for hot summer, temperate autumn and cold winter hunting. These were characterized by the colors of the traditional paper cartridge cases; red for summer, green for autumn, and yellow for winter. 

The evolution of the components and manufacturing techniques has led Baschieri to concentrate on 3 distinct loads available in one cartridge called Tricolor, with a green cartridge case. Offering high muzzle velocity and reliable performance, this cartridge gives hunters who love walked-up game shooting, looking for that unexpected encounter in the rough, a versatile cartridge that is effective in a variety of climatic conditions when shooting any kind of fine game late in summer or autumn. 

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