Baschieri & Pellagri F2 Classic

First produced in 1960 for wing shooting, F2 powder guarantees constant performance and high velocity for Baschieri & Pellagri charges

Revisited and refined over the years, this powder is one of the most famous shotgun cartridge propellants produced by the manufacturer from Bologna. The F2 Classic is a 34-gram, 12-gauge cartridge that can be used from the start of the hunting season at the end of summer to hunt sedentary game, right up to the end of autumn to hunt migratory birds.

The shot used ranges from number 12 to number 4, confirming the wide range of game the F2 Classic can be used for, from quail to partridge or pheasant, thrush and wood pigeon. Available also in 20- and 16-gauge, respectively with 26- and 29-gram loads, it is a very well-balanced load, designed to give you the best performance for each bore size.

Baschieri & Pellagri have combined all the necessary components with the F2 lamellar powder to give these cartridges a high muzzle velocity and make them truly lethal in a variety of different environmental conditions when used on a variety of game. The plastic cup wad produces an optimal spread at medium to long range. The Gordon System case, made of plastic with a star crimp, thanks to the technology used as well as reducing recoil, maintains the spherical form and hardness of the shot intact, and as a consequence produces spreads with a high muzzle velocity and high penetrating power.

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