Baschieri & Pellagri 28-gauge Extra Rossa

Hunting with a small gauge can really only be considered sporting and ethical if done with highly reliable cartridges offering constant performance, capable of delivering shots that are guaranteed to be lethal. 

Baschieri & Pellagri who have always stood out from the crowd with their research into new technologies and components, including highly successful wadding and powders, offer hunters who love the 28-gauge two different solutions in terms of design, but with the same excellent ballistic performance. The Baschieri Extra Rossa Fiber 28-gauge is ideal for your first barrel, for taking shots at an intermediate range; it has a standard 21-gram load, extremely well-balanced for the 28-gauge.

The vegetable felt wad, with a plastic couvette designed by Baschieri, produces optimal spread distribution and power at ranges of around 25 metres. 

The couvette is a plastic seal that prevents dispersion of the gases in both the cartridge case and barrel when firing, guaranteeing a constant seal and velocity

The type 3 transparent plastic star crimped case makes this cartridge impervious to temperature changes, so the Extra Rossa Fiber is ideal for the first and last months of the hunting season, from quail when the season opens to hunting from a hide or stand, hunting woodcock in the woods, partridge or pheasant. 

The number of the shot is proof of the wide range of use of these cartridges, starting from number 11 right down to number 6; M92S powder is used.

The Extra Rossa HV cartridge is a magnum cartridge with 26 grams of lead, designed to provide the highest performance in terms of power and velocity. 

It is ideal for your second barrel, or even your first when hunting fine sedentary game such as pheasant, grouse or hare. 

With a red, 70 mm plastic star crimped case, the Baschieri & Pellagri Extra Rossa HV cartridge is fully protected internally by the exclusive cup wad designed specifically by Baschieri & Pellagri. 

This plastic wadding of various heights on the basis of the case used, mean heavy loads of lead can be loaded, and the final result is a compact spread, well-distributed at a velocity of 400 m/s. Available shot sizes include number 9.5 / 7.5 and 5.5 with M410 powder used as a propellant. 

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