Over 80 hunting suppressors under test – The best three models for each use

Here is a model from Hausken
In recent years, suppressors have been able to become more commonamong hunters. Here is a model from Hausken.

With the cancellation of almost all trade shows in 2021, many interested parties are missing out on the latest suppressor developments. This is particularly unfortunate because it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the growing range on offer. More and more manufacturers are pushing into the growing market – and the use of suppressors in hunting is now also permitted in many countries. The best suppressor is about as difficult to name as "the best car." Of course, it depends on the intended use, so based on our experience, we see three major areas of focus for suppressor use, each with its own requirements. 

For each of these areas, we name "our" top 3 models (determined by the entire performance spectrum) and additionally a price/performance winner, each with a brief overview of strengths and weaknesses as well as noise reduction performance. 

Top 3: the best suppressors for stalking and mountain hunting

Weight plays the biggest role here. Thus, the suppressor should be as light as possible so as not to become a burden on long trails. At the same time, the attenuation must still be sufficiently good to significantly reduce the risk to hearing. The single shot predominates, otherwise strings have very few shots.

1st Place: Svemko Short

The Svemko Short 
The Svemko Short is particularly short and light, which makes it ideal for stalking and mountain hunting.

With its double-wall construction, the lightest silencer in the top 3 still performs remarkably well. The net length of only about ten centimeters is another advantage!

Attenuation: 25.48 db / First shot suppression: 24.20 db

2nd Place: Roedale Precision TI42

The most exciting candidate of the group, it's a 3D titanium print! The production is (still) quite complex, but the result impresses with maximum weight savings – no part is thicker than necessary. Although this suppressor is also suitable for longer shooting strings with semi-automatic rifles thanks to to material and construction properties, it weighs less than 300 grams. Only the cost of the weight savings weighs tremendously, because the price is a proud 1029 euros. 

Attenuation: 28.99 db / First shot suppression: 25.41 db

3rd Place: Freyr & Devik Featherweight 269

The model name says it all. The suppressor is not only the price/performance winner in its class (406 euro), but also receives the design award for the most pleasing shape. Despite its size, the suppressor is quite lightweight. Its internal volume certainly helps it – at around 27 dB, it has the best first-shot results. 

Attenuation: 28.33 db / First-shot suppression: 27.02 db

Top 3: the best suppressors for tight high stands and driven hunts

Rifles with a short overall length are more comfortable to handle, are less likely to bump into things, and thus allow not only easier use in tight high stands, but also quicker follow-up shots. This is where suppressors with a particularly short overall length come into their own. Since their efficiency is particularly high in the portion in front of the muzzle, achieving a high noise reduction is a technical challenge. At the same time, the diameter of the suppressor must not be too large for driven hunts in order to impair the field of view as little as possible.

Top 3 for driven hunting and high stands (from left)
Top 3 for driven hunting and high stands (from left): Hausken JD 184 XTRM & ERA SOB 3D are twins inside. The Stalon X108 looks huge in
comparison, but only really builds volume backwards behind the muzzle, the projection forward is only 4.25”/108mm.

1st and 2nd Place: Hausken JD184 XTRM II & ERA SOB 3D

They could almost be twins, the SOB 3D is marginally heavier and longer than the Hausken, but is slightly easier to disassemble and maintain. The choice is a matter of taste – both have amazing first-shot attenuation performance for their size.

Attenuation: 29.41 db / First shot suppression: 30.31 db (Hausken)

Attenuation: 29.61 db / First shot suppression: 29.52 db (ERA)

3rd Place: Roedale Precision HUNTER 50XK+

In a nutshell, despite the small protrusion over the muzzle, the 50XK offers solid attenuation performance. 

Attenuation: 27.64 db / First shot suppression: 26.73 db

The Stalon X108 is the only one of those mentioned here that does not use metal mesh. This explains its somewhat weaker first-shot suppression ("first round pop"). However, it is also completely maintenance-free. It is the price/performance winner in this class anyway – you can't get more damping for the money. The surcharge over the XE108 model is not worth it; the increased expansion space in the direction of the shooter did not bring any advantage in practice.

Whether ERA SOB, SIW, Roedale or A-Tech
Cool guys: many successful suppressors are based on a similar internal design based on a Hausken patent that is over 20 years old. Whether ERA SOB, SIW, Roedale or A-Tech – many were inspired by the design for their own further developments.

Top 3: The best suppressors for hide hunting

If the hide is not just as tight as your own jacket, it will usually not matter if the suppressor protrudes a few centimeters further or weighs 200 grams more. The focus is on maximum performance, especially during the first shot. When shooting, the single shot or a very short string will also predominate. Thicker suppressors are rarely perceived as annoying and have their justification here.

1st Place: Roedale Precision Hunter 55+

To begin with, in terms of measurement, places 1 to 3 are so close together that the deviations are lost in the tolerance of the measurement. All three successfully use metal mesh packing to suppress the first round pop. So if we put the Hunter 55+ in first place, it's only because it's an eight-millimeter suppressor and, at nine millimeters, has an aperture bore that's 0.5 millimeters wider than the Hausken. For a suppressor, that's more than it sounds like. So not only does the buyer have the option of using larger calibers: the SD also offers a modicum more safety from the consequences of bullet oscillation or a somewhat crooked shot. 

Attenuation: 32.78 db / First shot suppression: 33.43 db

2nd + 3rd place: Hausken JD224 XTRM Mk2 & Hausken WD 60 XTRM Mk2

The modern suppressors with metal mesh inserts
Inner values: inner construction of modern suppressors with metal mesh inserts.

Hausken first pioneered the monolithic interior and now the metal winding in the current evolution of hunting mufflers. They are the originals and simply top of the line. Unfortunately, this also applies to the price of 622, - Euro and 777, - Euro respectively. 

Attenuation: 33.49 db / First shot suppression: 33.80 db (JD224 XTRM Mk2)

The A-Tec H2 Mega doesn't quite reach the values of the top 3, but is really only marginally behind. It is also top in first shot, but it does not need any metal mesh and is therefore completely maintenance free. At 549 euros, it is unquestionably the price/performance winner in this class. Negative point: The saying "a lot of damper for the money" is literally true - at 600 grams, the H2 Mega is a real heavyweight. However, anyone who wants to travel with "lighter luggage" for once has the advantage that they can omit individual fascia elements from the modular H2 Mega.

Top 3: The best suppressors for shooting cinema & shooting range

Cool down after ten rounds, my ass, and preferably no self-loaders - if you've bought shooting time, you don't want to watch your suppressor cool down to room temperature, you want to shoot! The following models also do not resent longer series, because their extra weight comes mainly from their robust construction.

1st place: Ase Utra Jet-Z BL

For years, the first choice for maximum cushioning with extreme durability. The Jet-Z is a slim but very massive suppressor from the authority series of Ase Utra. The Quick-Mount "Bore Lock" picks up on the in-house muzzle brakes or flash hiders and fits bombproof and repeatable. At the latest when the choice falls on the self-loader, this is the right place to be. It may take some getting used to to get used to almost 700 grams (including muzzle brake) at the muzzle. But that goes quickly and the additional weight is similar for almost all shock absorbers in this class.

Attenuation: 30.39 db / First shot suppression: 26.45 db

Jaki (far right) doesn't look that much longer than the Roedale, Ase Utra and A-Tec silencers
4th place at the shooting range & cinema: the price/performance winner from Jaki (far right) doesn't look that much longer than the Roedale, Ase Utra and A-Tec silencers in this picture, but it does lengthen the gun by the full 9.4”/24cm it measures itself.

2nd place: Roedale Precision TI50

suppressor of the superlative in many points: Latest manufacturing technology in the form of titanium pressure, lightest damper in its class - 384 grams are absolute top! Top is unfortunately also here the price, because with 1,174, - Euro he is the most expensive damper in the test. Whether you are willing to put this more money on the table for the less weight, everyone must decide for themselves. One thing is for sure, the titanium body copes well with the temperature and pressure load and is a right choice in the shooting theater. 

Attenuation: 29.99 db / First shot suppression: 29.03 db

3rd place: A-Tec Marksman

Very solid suppressor with very good performance, repeatable on the in-house muzzle brake. 

Attenuation: 31.00 db / First shot suppression: 28.29 db 

The Jaki Sniper is long and heavy - just under 600 grams, the steel Jaki adds almost 24 centimeters to the length of the gun! It came in 4th place in our test. If you can live with that, you'll be pleased with the excellent attenuation performance of 30 dB and more - even on the first shot. The price of 339,- Euro is tempting. That makes it the price/performance winner in this category.

Analysis and background knowledge: The technology of the suppressor 

As mentioned at the beginning, the civilian and especially the hunting suppressor market, especially in Germany, is still a relatively young sector. Nevertheless, this overview shows what a wide range of products the hunter should be aware of when looking for the right suppressor for his weapon. In addition, the development of suppressors continues, the market is full of innovation and technical innovations. Many of them have the goal of making SDs smaller and lighter while still increasing performance.

That's why next week, all4shooters.com will dedicate a second part to the technology and trends behind suppressors for hunting. Therefore: stay tuned!

Our testers: Andreas Burth / Dr. Christian Neitzel; Editing: Dario Nothnick; Images: see Credits

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