Riserva: new hunting backpacks

A new line of hunting backpacks from Riserva 

At IWA 2017, Riserva presented a new line of large, ergonomic and waterproof hunting backpacks, for hunting any type of game in the mountains, from hoofed game at high altitudes to game typically found in an Alpine environment. 

There are two different backpacks available in two different materials; silent and waterproof microfiber, or strong and stiffer Cordura to withstand harsher environmental conditions. 

The first and larger of the backpacks has a double-up central part that can be extended by unzipping two zips along the sides, to double the volume from 45 to 90 litres. This means you can not only easily accommodate numerous accessories, but also safely carry any game you’ve shot. 

The frame is of the latest generation, the rubber parts are lined on the inside to make them more breathable and the backpack’s belt can be adjusted quickly at the front to fit hunters of different sizes.

There are two side pockets to carry spotting scopes, with a reinforced bottom to protect scopes from accidental knocks. The front pocket has a zip that opens an inner pull-out compartment where you can pack your rifle, which can be secured at the top using a strap to stop it moving around on the march. The rain cover is stored in the bottom pocket.

The size and ergonomics of the second Riserva backpack make it more suitable for Alpine walked-up hunting. In this dynamic and extremely demanding type of hunting, freedom of movement is a must for precise point shooting. 

The main compartment of this backpack is also 45 litres (no double-up feature), the shoulder straps are made of lighter weight rubber and the smooth outer layer enables you to take a shot with the backpack still on. This backpack is also produced in two different materials, microfiber and Cordura, and features a pull-out compartment where you can pack your rifle.

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