Riserva hunting backpack, the chamois hunting test

Its name is R1834 and it is a variable volume (45/90 lt.) cordura backpack with a resin coating on the inside and a rifle pocket, designed for hunting medium-size ungulates.

Features of the Riserva hunting backpack

Hunter with Riserva backpack looking at the view
The removable rifle pocket allows a good weight distribution, protecting the weapon and making it easy to carry.

The rifle pocket can be removed from the back of the front pocket and can contain all the stock as well as a good part of the optics, protecting them and preventing any movement.

To make everything very compact and stress-free there is also a strap on the top of the backpack that wraps the weapon barrel.

As said, the backpack can be expanded thanks to two side zips that, once opened, allow to reach the considerable volume of 90 liters, so that you can easily accommodate medium-sized animals such as roe deer and chamois.

On the sides there are also two large reinforced pockets (18x40 cm), padded on the bottom and designed to contain a Spektive. In our case that space was occupied by a 18-45x65 Zeiss.

Riserva hunting backpack with rifle
The backside of the R1834 Reserve backpack is breathable and comfortable. It greatly reduce sweating and relieves fatigue in carrying heavy weighs.

Lastly, the backside is made of mesh and pierced padding - to allow transpiration - and a pierced lumbosacral padding too, to increase comfort.

The shoulder straps, that can be also adjusted on the breastplate to adapt to different body sizes, are definitely very robust and comfortable. The same straps give relief to the body when the full backpack weight rests on the shoulders.

The backpack is equipped with a pocket on the bottom that contains the waterproof backpack bag, to be used in case of foul weather.

The empty backpack weighs 2.3 kg and you can also purchase it in the silent microfiber version (R 4507).

For more information on the R1834 backpack please visit the Riserva website.

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