Riserva: leather hunting accessories - Ammo holders and cartridge belts

Riserva has updated its range of leather products for both smooth bore and rifled bore firearms. 

For smooth bore users, the new cartridge belts and ammo holders that can be affixed to the stock ensure that cartridges are always within easy reach. 

For ungulate hunters who favour rifled bore guns, Riserva presents its pocket-sized ammo holders and new optical rangers.  Produced specifically for rifles, these rangers are designed to ensure better sight alignment when aiming as well as enhanced comfort when taking challenging shots where the utmost accuracy and stability are essential. 

Riserva: resistant and high-quality accessories for hunters

Since Riserva only uses the finest raw materials, its products are of the highest quality, right down to the smallest detail. The Tuscan leather sourced by the company is vegetable-tanned by a process that combines ancient techniques with state-of-the-art technology. 

As a result, these accessories are not only stylish, but also extremely resistant and durable, guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding hunters. Thanks to the way the raw materials are processed and treated, these accessories are also water-repellent, and the elegance of the new shotgun or rifle scabbard is unrivalled.

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