Crispi footwear: technology and tradition

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Innovation is the key of company’s success. To offer products on the market that can compete in the globalized market, means to preserve and increase the importance of a company.
Crispi is a example of a company that, through the latest technology, offers highly competitive products on the market in the name of Made in Italy.

Innovation related to tradition. These are essential and indispensable words for today's hunters.

How to achieve certain results? Innovating the product, production processes and adopting new technological solutions to create more  efficient products.

Crispi footwear
Mechanical Construction, a patent Crispi, with which you get the right ratio of torsional rigidity and flexibility

Crispi, to achieve these goals, uses these following technologies to create their own shoes.


With this technological solution, Crispi gets for his products the right relationship between torsional rigidity and flexibility, thanks to a mechanical bond that wraps around the soft and comfortable to the structure of the upper insole.

The key feature of this is the sole greater Grip obtained through the combination of special materials. The rubber outsole offers the rods made with a special mixture of abrasive and rings made from a special high tech fabric, which is increased with the grip on any surface. Laboratory tests have shown that this sole adheres 20% more on ice as compared to a traditional rubber sole.

Crispi footwear
The technology ANKLE BONE SUPPORT SYSTEM (Abkhaz) ensures comfort and protection of the entire area malleolus


The research department and sciluppo Crispi has developed the system called ABSS, (Ankle Bone Support System). The A.B.S.S. ensures comfort and protection of the entire area malleolus thanks to a system of innovative materials, that can be combined to allow the shoe to mold gently around the ankle walker. This system thus avoids distortion even in steep and difficult terrain and, at the same time, supports the ankle in every situation by limiting fatigue in the lower joints even after long walks.

It is insulation that provide superior performance for high quality equipment designed for protection from cold. PrimaLoft is lightweight, breathable and provides excellent water repellency to keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable even in the harshest weather conditions.

The properties of GORE-TEX are: longevity, breathability, resistance to cold and lightness.

The laminates consist of a GORE-TEX membrane component. The part in expanded PTFE contains about 1.4 billion microscopic pores per square centimeter, each of which is about 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. In this way, while the water droplets can not penetrate the GORE-TEX membrane, water vapor, the sweat in gaseous form, escaping easily. PTFE is also present in the structure of an element oil-resistant which also prevents the entry of substances such as oils, cosmetics, bug repellents or food substances. With this technology you get a barrier completely waterproof, windproof and breathable.


The Vibram outsole ensures quality, performance and safety.

In today's article will introduce four models of technical footwear for use in the hunting field, ensuring comfort, stability and security.

Crispi footwear
With Crispi Highland waterproofing is guaranteed


Equipped with shock-absorbing midsole that provides comfort and protection while walking, Highland is an innovative product for use primarily in hunting situations particularly difficult in relation to weather conditions.
Water resistance is the main feature of Highland, guaranteed by a leather upper and totally waterproof Cordura and a double waterproof lining. The heat-sealed and special gaiter protection board rubber sewn externally also provide total protection from water at the foot of the hunter.

Highland is not only waterproof but also stable thanks to the sole Multifunction with tread made of high-tech material, with which is ensured a considerable handling and stability during stalking and walking.

Finally, the comfort provided by a midsole cushioning, the insole with differentiated structure and removable insole Air Mesh + Felt + Active Carbon with which you get an action for excellent breathability and sweat odor thanks to the construction CRISPI 3D.

Crispi footwear
The new boot Crispi Hunter Thermo GTX intended for hiking rugged and extreme winter activities


HUNTER THERMO GTX is the updated version of the boot HUNTER, from whom he inherited the same profile and many of the main technologies CRISPI integrated. Designed for all types of Trekking robust and winter activities, the boot Hunter Thermo GTX lends itself to perfection also in hunting, thanks to the excellent thermal insulation guaranteed by the layer of fibers Primaloft applied within the upper. The water resistance of this boot is assured by the Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort Footwear Lining, while the safety of a rubber tip that protects the foot from accidental impact.

Crispi footwear
The boot Crispi Lapponia with ABSS technology which guarantees protection against distortions


With this shoe, Crispi want to combine the reliability of the design. Lapland has a water-repellent nubuck uppers and a Gore-Tex lining Insulated Comfort Footwear Lining, with which you get a waterproof and breathable to keep your feet dry even after long walks. Lapland GTX is not only comfort, but also synonymous of safety with technology ABSS, which guarantees protection against distortions, supported in turn by the insole with differentiated structure for optimum stability. The boot also has a protective edge sewing and a removable sockliner CRISPI Air Mesh. The Vibram sole with shock absorbing midsole.

Crispi footwear
The boot Crispi Dakota GTX: design and safety for absolute comfort


And now we come to the last product (not least, of course), the boot Dakota GTX. Extremely lightweight and built to protect the foot from possible distortions due to the system of ABSS CRISPI, the boot Dakota GTX combines safety with design, thanks to minimal seams and the high quality of materials used, by which it is guaranteed extreme comfort. Finally, the Vibram sole offers excellent grip and reduced weight, which allows the hunter to move about freely even for long walks.

Crispi, through the latest technologies related to the tradition in the great spirit of Made in Italy, offers very high-performance footwear, comfortable and safes, that drive the modern hunters step by step.