The Shooter's Talk – Gun control and speed limits, a matter of logic
In the recent Texas shooting an armed citizen prevented the killer from taking many more lives. But if gun laws wer
Being a shotgun coach, an instructor and a mother
Mhairi-Ann Troup is a shooting instructor, CPSA (Clay Pigeon Shooting Association) safety officer and competitive s
Pulsar CORE FXQ38 and FXQ50 thermal imaging attachments
11/12/2017 - Pulsar offers the CORE FXQ38 and FXQ50 thermal imaging attachments, built to be used as daytime hunting riflescope
GECO Black 1-8×24i: riflescope for sports shooters and law enforcement
The well-known ammunition brand GECO introduced a comprehensive series of riflescopes in 2017. In addition to targe
From Blaser for ladies: F16 Intuition and R8 Intuition
A shotgun and a rifle tailored to the needs of the huntress and sportswomen, these new products feature shorter sto
The Tactical Corner – Bump stocks: lethal devices?
Bump stocks were apparently used in the horrible Las Vegas shooting, and there could be a ban on them. But are they

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