Savage Arms MSR semi-automatic rifles
01/18/2017 - SHOT Show 2017 / New from Savage Arms: the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) semi-automatic rifles. The US-based company
Hornady "BLACK ammunition line" for semiautomatic rifles
01/17/2017 - SHOT Show 2017 / New from Hornady. Hornady presented many new products at the SHOT Show 2017, including “BLACK”, a
RUGER American Rimfire Target bolt-action rifle
01/17/2017 - SHOT Show 2017 / New from RUGER: The brand new American Rimfire Target rifle. Specifically designed for range-shoot
The Bergara B-14 HMR, hunting and match rifle in .308 Winchester und 6,5 Creedmoor
01/17/2017 - SHOT Show 2017 / New from Bergara. Some quite interesting rifles from this Spanish gun maker have been a great succ
Review: SIG Sauer 716 Patrol Self-Loading Rifle in .308 Winchester
The self-loading SIG716 rifle is a series of semi-automatic rifles rooted in the AR-10 from SIG Sauer. The models a
Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher offer new RS556 assault rifle system
01/13/2017 - In a cooperation project, the two traditional companies Rheinmetall from Germany and Steyr Mannlicher from Austria