SAIGA-9, a civilian version of the Vityaz in 9mm
Finally, the civilian version of the famous SAIGA-9 "Vityaz" is available on the market. The Russian subm
Seekins Precision NX3G, the competitive edge
The NX3G is specifically built for 3 Gun stages and sporting applications. Thanks to its “hybrid” .223 Wylde chambe
New Lapua Biathlon Extreme ammunition
The Finnish company Lapua is famous among sports shooters for the high quality of its cartridges for Olympic discip
Bergara B-14 Ridge hunting bolt-action rifle
It is not always necessary to add features and details to propose something interesting. The Spanish company Bergar
Pulsar Forward F Digital Night Vision Attachment
Pulsar sent us samples of the latest version of its newest Digital Night Vision Attachment: the Forward F135 and F1
RPK-16 light machine gun: classic Kalashnikov design and innovation
The RPK-16 light machine gun (LMG) in 5.45mm, designed and manufactured by the Russian small arms manufacturer Kala

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