Tokyo 2020: changes in Olympic shooting disciplines
06/19/2017 - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced sweeping changes to the Olympic shooting disciplines. Inten
Review: Mauser M12 hunting rifle
Besides many other firearms, we have included a review of the Mauser M12 in the bolt-action hunting rifles category
Sabatti Rover Compact Scout rifle
Scout Rifles are highly versatile bolt action guns. Sabatti has re-interpreted the archetype with some special cons
When to clean a gun?
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Review: MERKEL RX.Helix Alpinist bolt-action rifle
Besides many other firearms, we have also included a review of the MERKEL RX.Helix Alpinist in the bolt-action hunt
Unique-ARs: customized hand guards for AR rifles
05/27/2017 - Our small family company from Idaho specializes in the artistic design of metal accessories for AR-15/M16 family ri