Fausti XF4 over/under competition shotgun

Fausti presents a new versatile over/under for shooters, with a captivating design; the XF4 shotgun can be used by shooters to participate in all kinds of shooting sports, from Sporting Clays to Skeet, from Trap to Electrocibles, with a gun specifically designed for these sports, that’s both elegant and effective. 

The Fausti XF4 is available in three versions: Black, Gold and Platinum

There are three different versions, Black, Gold and Platinum, the only differences being in the finish of the action, with the gilt, silver or plain black model name laser cut into the action. 

With its “Deep black” colour and an antireflective coating, the XF4 is also characterised by the sleek, low profile of the new “Round Body” action, the size and shape of which have been specifically redesigned for this model by the Fausti designers and engineers to guarantee the greatest strength and reliability, as well as to give the gun a very exclusive look. 

A detailed view of the three Fausti XF4 over/under competition shotguns
Fausti XF4 over/under competition shotgun, Black, Gold and Platinum versions.

Action and trigger mechanism

The new Fausti XF4 over/under competition shotgun
The new Fausti XF4 over/under competition shotgun is designed to meet the requirements of both professional shooters and those trying their hand at the sport for the first time.

The box lock round body action is machined out of a solid block of forged, case hardened, tempered steel, fitted with the patented “Four Lock” system, which is enough to guarantee the solidity and strength of the gun in even the most demanding conditions during training or competitions. 

One major improvement on previous Fausti competition guns is that the action of the trigger mechanism has been made cleaner and more precise, ready for the shooter’s input. 

The adjustable pistol-grip stock of the XF4 is made of type 3A oil-finished walnut and has a rubber butt pad. The forend is available in a rounded or semi-beavertail configuration. 

Barrels and chokes

The 71, 76 and 81 cm barrels, the ballistic performance of which is tested and certified by Fausti, are available with 70 or 76 mm chambers. They come with fixed chokes or a set of interchangeable Fausti Chokes, available on request. The top conical ventilated rib tapers down from a height of 100 mm to 7 mm, and the side rib is also ventilated.

The trigger mechanism is a single selective system and cartridge ejection is automatic. The XF4 is available in all the classic calibres used at the shooting range, 12 and 20-gauge, 28-gauge or .410. The over/under comes in a silver Fausti ABS VL 320 case.

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