Diana Mauser K98 carbine

A new chapter in the history of the Mauser 98K is being written. Thanks to Diana, another german legendary manufacturer, for the first time you can now own an air rifle designed after the revered K98 bolt-action rifle. 

The new high performance air rifle K98 combines the distinctive military look of the Mauser 98 with state-of-the-art technology. It has a fixed 4,5 mm caliber barrel for superior accuracy and under lever cocking system. 

The slide cylinder locking system and rifled pellet seating provides maximum velocity and performance. Exceptional accuracy has been achieved by DIANA’s high quality barrels (460 mm long) and the genuine two-stage match type trigger. 

The premium stock which boasts metal fittings complete a first class air rifle. Military style open sight complete the martial look of this iconic airgun.

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