Test: CZ 600 Range – Extra accuracy for excellent performance

We had already tested some CZ 600 models. Currently 5 models are available in the modern CZ 600 bolt-action rifle series, introduced to the market at the end of 2021: Alpha, Lux, Ergo, Range and Trail. The barrel can be easily removed and reinserted. The modular design of the CZ 600 series makes it relatively easy to change calibers within the caliber group. After a barrel change, the point of impact remains unchanged. But please be aware: even if it's a modular system you'll need your gunsmith for execution. Here we have the high precision model under test: CZ 600 Range. Let's see if the manufacurer's promise is true: sub-0.75 MOA accuracy at 100 meters with match ammunition. 

Our test rifle: CZ 600 Range in .308 – Will it keep accuracy promises?

Let's have a first look at the technical basics. As in all precision rifles the barrel is a key factor for perfect accuracy. In the CZ 600 Range an 18x1 thread tips the recessed muzzle crown on the 22-mm diameter barrel. This is 610-mm or 24” long and cold hammer forged by CZ with 4 grooves turning once every ten inches. 

The 610mm barrel is neatly screwcut 18x1 for a moderator or brake.

The barrel shows a blacked chemical finish and runs parallel towards the laminated stock’s beavertail forend which has a spacious barrel channel with enough clearance for a fully floating tube in all circumstances. 

QD stud anchors and exposed studs enable easy accessory additions. The barrel full free float is always maintained within the stiff laminate stock.

Although the CZ 600 rifles are modular, this one specifically uses the stiffer steel action in no.2 specification which represents standard length cartridges. It has four threaded holes atop to attach a Picatinny rail. The bolt has six lugs/60-degree lift to cock on opening, the shaft has a single anti-rotation groove coupled to a right-side release catch for removal. 

The safety catch sits recessed into the stock behind the bolt’s tang, push it down for fire or press it back up for safe by accessing it behind the trigger guard on the underside. 

Magazine capacity is 5+1. It’s a twin column unit for versatile loading options and can also be locked in position with the sliding catch.

The bolt is locked on safe and if you do want to open while “safe”, just press the bolt release catch and it will open smoothly for safe removal of loaded rounds.

The bolt handle is slim with a spherical tip for fast intuitive operation. The action feeds ammunition to the chamber from a detachable 5-round polymer magazine, plus one in the chamber if needed. It’s a twin column unit so can be loaded in or out of the gun and helpfully allows single rounds dropped through the ejection port to be fed straight into the chamber. 

The mag push button release catch is on the underside to drop the magazine into your waiting hand under its own weight. You can lock the magazine into the rifle by sliding rather then pressing the magazine catch which is a useful function to avoid loss.

Video: CZ 600 Range – Extra accuracy for excellent performance

CZ 600 Range: adjustable trigger and interchangeable bolt head

The bolt release catch also doubles up as the unlocking button when in ‘safe’ mode.

CZ’s trigger breaks crisply in a single stage with a silver 5-mm blade. There is a small Allen screw in front/above the trigger blade with a white spot on it and this is easily accessed with an Allen key. It alters the trigger weight from 600-1350 grams in four stages, each of which has a repeatable click allowing it to be changed repeatably whenever it suits you. 

Six bolt lugs lock into abutments within the action, the head is removable if you change cartridges and has a manual ejector pin.

The bolt heads are interchangeable when removed from of the rifle and de-cocked, you can withdraw the firing pin and then with the pressure removed from the sprung ejector, the bolt head slides out. 

CZ originally intended to make this a switch barrel rifle but decided to limit this to a dealer only service to avoid user error. 

Three screws clamp the barrel in place and are threadlocked in place unlike the initial samples, but the system leaves me with no doubts. The ejector is manual so how far your brass is thrown from the gun is based on your operation speed. It was totally reliable in use and works well with a semi-controlled feed bolt face and single extractor claw to assure plentiful primary extraction force as the bolt cams open.

CZ 600 Range: tool-free adjustable stock for better accuracy

The stock shows cooling slots enabling more airflow around the barrel alongside some weight savings.

Both left and right-sides of the laminated stock’s forend tip show finger grooves with stippling as well as recessed QD sling stud anchor points. There are two conventional sling studs on the underside to enable bipod fitting in your preferred location and everything is solidly anchored. Weight savings and some cooling benefits are catered for with a large cutout in the stock, there is no compromise in stiffness and the rifle can still be clamped on a tripod without any loss in zero. 

Cocked action indicator at the base of the bolt shroud and the safety catch pressed down for “fire”.

The pistol grip is symmetric with a slight right side palm swell and stippling, and it has a spacious reach to trigger with blade to throat length of approximately 90 mm. 

The stippling offers a deluxe feel, and you can wrap your thumb over the grip or shoot with it vertically upward behind the bolt shroud. You can lift the bolt open with a slick upward flick of your fingers which causes the lease amount of disruption to the rifle’s stability and consequent aim on target for a fast reload and follow up shot.

The cheekpiece has 30 mm of vertical travel without any tools required. There is a butt hook, bag rider/Picatinny rail and QD anchor points.

The comb rises 30 mm from the stock without needing tools and its slender profile fits under your cheekbone without excessive jaw displacement. A 4.6kg, .308 rifle doesn’t develop much recoil and the CZ also avoids vibration transfer. 

60-degree bolt lift and simple handle arrangement enable fast, smooth bolt operation. This CZ uses the steel variant of the 600 action with four screw holes for Picatinny rail addition.

The Range has a butt hook and retains satisfactory free space behind the grip to allow movement in the rifle under recoil without hitting the back of your supporting hand. 

Being able to hold the rifle into your shoulder with that underside supporting hand significantly contributes to more stable rifle handling between shots while reloading and a factor quite a few rifles attempt to deliver but actually get the proportions completely wrong. 

There is a short Picatinny rail on the underside which could be used for a Monopod, and it’s supplied with a rubber protector for comfort or when used as a bag rider without snagging. Length of pull is generous at 373 mm/14.7” and there is a solid 25-mm medium firm rubber recoil pad.

CZ 600 Range – Accuracy test with Hornady and Sierra ammunition

Bullet weight/gr
Stated velocity on box /fps
Average velocity recorded/fps
Muzzle energy ft-lbs
Best 100 m 5-shot group/mm
Best 100 m 5-shot group/inches
Hornady ELD-M
Aguila FMJ

Sierra 168 SMK/Vit 140

Sierra 175 SMK/Vt 150

No problems meeting 0.75 MOA on target, several groups were sub half MOA.

CZ offer a 0.75 MOA assurance using Match ammunition, so the first step was to see how easy that was to prove. I zeroed the gun, cleaned it again and it was very straightforward, the next three groups shot from a bipod at 100 metres delivered 5 rounds sub ¾ with Hornady 168gr Match ELD-M ammunition. The rifle was very stable from the bipod or bench, remained quite stable during firing with recoil directed flat through to my shoulder with minimal muzzle jump. I shot the gun with a bare muzzle and moderated and of course the moderator calmed it even more. Magazine operation is smooth and easy to load, there is no damage imparted to any bullets through the chambering cycle and this also helps aid consistency.

CZ 600 Range: our test conclusion – All accuracy promises fulfilled

A fine rifle to shoot from the bench. Sturdy stock material shows no point of impact shift even when clamped into a tripod.

Within the 600 series, this rifle’s specification, materials, and design choices certainly deliver excellent performance on target. It shares all the great magazine and trigger features of other 600’s which I have reviewed before yet excels due to the heavier target stock with longer support structure, heavier barrel, and only currently offering chamberings for cartridges where only match ammunition is promoted. It was a pleasure to shoot and didn’t need any special attention to fulfil its accuracy promises. I’m very surprised no 6.5 Creedmoor option was offered from the very start though as it is the darling of the shooting world at present (according to the CZ website).

CZ 600 Range specs and price

.308 (test rifle), 6mm Creedmoor 
Action size: 

24”/ 610 mm long, 1:10” twist rate, 4 grooves (0.860”/22 mm)

Overall Length: 
45”/1,140 mm
10 lb 4 oz/ 4,600 g
Muzzle Thread: 
Laminate target stock with adjustable cheekpiece
Length of Pull: 
14.7”/373 mm
Single stage adjustable, 600-1,350 g (22-48 oz) weighed at 16 oz/465 g
Two position with bolt locking
Polymer, 5+1 capacity
Price (SRP in the U.K.):



Ammunition used

Hornady, www.edgarbrothers.com

Sierra Bullets, www.henrykrank.com

Vihtavuori powder and Lapua Brass, www.hannamsreloading.co.uk

Magtech Primers, www.vikingarms.com

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