CZ 457 Stainless Synthetic, accuracy and versatility in lightweight form

The 457 Stainless synthetic seen here is in .22 LR but compatible with any additional CZ barrel minisets. The rifle features a ½”x20 thread at the crisply crowned muzzle for a sound moderator or muzzle brake before the 14-mm diameter barrel flows back toward the stock. 

The CZ 457 Stainless Synthetic rifle in .22 LR.

This stainless-steel barrel shows a matt finish and is 20”/525-mm  long to generate the maximum velocity from .22 LR ammunition. The synthetic stock shows a dipped camouflage finish that I think offers a fantastic visual contrast to the stainless barrel, blacked steel action and likely black accessories. The forend is stiff and hand filling for assured grip and the barrel within is full free-floating with little chance of intermittent contact. There are two sling studs on the underside (plus a third at the butt) to attach accessories and I shot the rifle mostly from a bipod for the best stability and performance on target, yet the rifle is an ideal hunting tool as well.

The CZ457 action

The barrel of the CZ 457 Stainless Synthetic fully free floats within the forend.

CZ457 action is a modern masterpiece in my opinion. There are 11-mm dovetails for scope mounting and the 140-mm overall action length enables versatile optical positioning with the correct eye relief. The right-side bolt handle locks at the rear of the action and shows a 60-degree lift to open, cock and cycle the action. The bolt handle is 55-mm long and capped with a steel ball at the tip that’s 19-mm diameter for immediate tactile grip and action control. There is a two-position safety catch on the right side that locks the trigger and the bolt release catch is on the opposite side for removal and maintenance.

Smart looks from the three-colour setup: the note bolt handle and safety catch of the CZ 457 Stainless Synthetic.

There are two extractor claws on the bolt face and as the bolt is withdrawn, the slot on the underside allows the mechanical ejector to flick the spent brass case clear of the gun in proportion to how hard and fast you cycle the bolt. Loading is from below with a 5-round polymer magazine supplied. These are compatible with all CZ’s other magazines of steel manufacture or the longer 10-round units as well. The trigger guard is polymer and fastened to the rear of the action underside with a tab in the stock and rear T25 action screw, the second action screw is in front of the magazine well where there is a simple, effective latch to release the rimmed magazine into your hand. Trigger pull was 1,126 grams or 39 oz and adjustable for weight and sear engagement. It’s a plain blacked steel blade and offers crisp release yet thanks to CZ engineers, the sear engagement is easily adjusted and locked if at any time the rifle needs adjusting throughout its lifetime of service, owners are treated like adults!

Length of pull is generous and makes the CZ 457 proper adult sized.

With the twin actions screws removed either side of the magazine well, the action lifts out of the stock. There is a steel recoil lug under the rear of the action but the rest slots accurately into the moulded inlet. Removal now allows full access to the barrel and calibre change system. There are two 4-mm Allen screws at 45-degree in the front of the action and with these released, the barrel will slide out and simple reverse to re-fit in whatever calibre or length you desire, just bear in mind the size of alternate barrels in relation to the barrel channel of your stock. The underside polymer magazine well shows the removable spacer for the alternate length between shorter .22 LR magazines or the longer .17 HMR/.22 WMR magazine and this spacer, along with internal feed ramp and barrel spacer, is included with any barrel minisets from CZ. At the rear you can see the hanging underside trigger mechanism with simple visual and mechanical access to all adjusters as well as the actual sear engagement itself.

The crisp single stage trigger of the of the CZ 457 Stainless Synthetic is adjustable from 11 to 14 Newtons with sear engagement alsoadjustable.

With the rifle reassembled, you can see the stock profile and appreciate the ergonomics. Length of pull is 14”/357 mm so the rifle although lightweight at 5.5 lb/2.5 kg, feel full sized for an adult. Reach to trigger is not cramped and the cheekpiece is high enough you get good alignment behind all but excessively high optics. 

Overall length is 38.5”/977 mm and the gun is centrally balanced for fast handling. The finish is a soft touch type with inherent grippy nature and there are raised panels in gripped areas to increase assured retention without having to exert excessive strain to hold onto the gun.

Test-firing the CZ457 Stainless Synthetic rifle

Stripped down to see the barrel swap procedure.

Shooting the rifle held no surprises for me as I have used most 457 variants in all calibres. This one is ideal for someone who wants the accuracy and precision of the longer barrel without the weight of the heavier target specific stocks and in my opinion, other than in competition, it makes the gun a lot more fun to use from any shooting position in the field when either simulating hunting, or when actually using the rifle as a hunting tool. I used varied ammunition types from subsonic hollow points at 900 fps to high velocity ammo in excess of 1,200 fps, the golden industry standard of Minute of Angle (M.O.A.) in use at 50 metres was the primary measure and most types exceeded this, and were very close even at 100 metres too, yet obviously subject to ammunition variability and weather conditions. CZ supply a factory test target with every rifle and in the ~30 rifles of theirs I have used, I have never had any reason to doubt the quality control.

Bullet weight/gr
Average velocity recorded /fps
Muzzle energy ft-lbs
50-m 5-shot group/mm
50-m 5-shot group/ inches
Aguila Super Extra
RWS Subsonic (10 shots)






SK Match
Sellier & Bellot HP
CZ 457 accuracy test: RWS R50 shot the best 5-round groups at 50 metres on target.

After using the whole 457 range, I have personal favourites and lesser favourites but all of that is based upon the specific stock and its application to my favourite type of rimfire shooting. This Stainless Synthetic is hard to not put close to the top because you get the lightweight yet still accurate and versatile handling in all scenarios. The triggers are crisp, the lightweight striker gives notably fast lock time for the shot and all the controls are well integrated with seamless fluidity in operation. I love the fact the triggers are designed to be adjustable and outlast the rifleman himself: true firearm engineering! The option to cater for multiple calibres adds long term versatility. Their cold hammer forged barrels are reliable and well trusted with smooth, consistent rifling on this 1-in-16” twist unit that if required, has been easy to clean. The bolt action is smooth and I especially like the sharper chisel tip on the firing pin as this has always given me consistent ignition with every type of ammo used, zero failure to fire statistic.

CZ457 Stainless Synthetic: conclusion

There are some guns available that I really can’t offer any criticism of at all: I can’t imagine how anyone could not like this well priced gun that just performs from start to finish. Yes, the gun may develop a little patina as the soft touch finish gains a little “life”, but a well-used gun is that for a reason, respected and cherished for the lifetime of the buyer and quite likely his/her children or subsequent owners.

CZ457 Stainless Synthetic specs and price

.22 LR
Overall Length: 
977 mm
Barrel Length: 
20"/525 mm
Barrel Profile, Twist:
Light 14mm,  1:16
Barrel Material: 
Stainless steel
2.5 kg
Magazine Capacity: 
5 rounds
Scope Mounting: 
11-mm dovetail
Single stage adjustable from 11-14N
356 mm
Stock Finish: 
Soft touch
Muzzle Thread: 
½” x 20