ICS-Hera Arms CQR, a top-of-the-range airsoft rifle

The replica that we present here is the result of a cooperation between the Taiwanese ICS, manufacturer of high-level airsoft guns, ASG and Hera Arms, a German company specializing in the production of accessories, in particular stocks. In fact, this version  is named after the Close Combat Rifle stock by Hera Arms.

With a length of 27.8" / 706 mm and a weight of 112.5 oz / 3190 g, the CQR is in fact an M4 featuring a special stock and foregrip from which it takes its name. It is a very "closed" and rigid stock, which allows a great handling of the gun in confined spaces. Another peculiarity is the possibility to adjust the stock length by mounting recoil pads of different thickness. The  8-5" / 215 mm long barrel is completely covered by the stock and the only visible part is the steel flash hider. The sights are flip-up type, but the 7"/178 mm long aluminum Picatinny rail allows you to mount any type of optical or electronic sights.

The CQR held by Wolf Instructor
The CQR tested by Wolf Instructor, a tactical shooting instructor but also a great connoisseur of airsoft replicas and testimonial of the ICS Airsoft. 

The CQR is equipped with a split gearbox that in practice allows you to separate the upper and lower receiver as in the real weapon. To add further realism to the shooting experience, the false bolt moves back with each shot. But you can discover all the features of this replica – distributed by Jolly Softair (www.jollysoftair.com) – in the video we made with the help of  "Wolf Instructor" Lorenzo Crestale, both a great expert in airsoft guns and a tactical shooting instructor. You can find out more about him by visiting his website www.wolftactical.it.

CQB Arena: an exclusive location

For the filming of our video we organized a visit to the CQB Arena in Vanzaghello, in the province of Milan, Italy. It is a really well designed indoor/outdoor range located a few kilometers from the Malpensa airport, where you can also play at night or when weather is inclement. Also with the help of Wolf Instructor we made a clip to show you the most interesting area of the range, the indoor one. We will surely get back there to make more videos and maybe for a nice challenge between snipers...

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