EK Archery Cobra System RX crossbow

The idea is not entirely new, since crossbows had already designed a crossbow that could be loaded thanks to a lever, a weapon that has been recently reproduced by a group of scholars. Yet there are few crossbows equipped with really effective assisted cocking systems. Among these, we certainly find the Cobra System RX manufactured by EK Archery. The Cobra System RX has a draw weight of 130 pounds with a power stroke of 7.5“ / 19 cm and can shoot a bolt at a speed of 230 fps / 70 meters per second. The design is very modern and futuristic, but also heavily influenced by the look of tactical weapons: the telescopic stock is in fact the same as a black rifle, as well as the front grip. No fewer than four Picatinny rails allow for the mounting of red dot sights and other accessories at will. Size is compact: 21.6”/ 55 cm in width for a length ranging from 29.9” to 32.2” (76-82 cm) according to the stock adjustment. Weight is 4.4 lb / 1995 g.

We can just invite you to take a look at the clip in which Daniele shows us how the crossbow works.

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Video: EK Archery Cobra System RX crossbow

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