What women want: new Walther PDP F-Series pistols, specifically for women – First impressions from expert Hanna Selena

+++ Update +++ We've already had the new model in hand and tested it!

“The first handgun engineered for the female hand structure”: back in May, Walther unveiled in the USA the latest iteration of its Performance Duty Pistol (PDP), the “F-Series” – where the “F” should stand for “female”, we guess. 

The short 3.5-inch version of the Walther PDP-F in Hanna Selena's hands.

Probably from September 2022, however, German and European customers will also be able to buy the PDP-F. all4shooters.com was able to attend live on site in Ulm, Germany the opening of the new Walther T9F (Ten Nine Factory) showroom on June 9, 2022. At this press event for selected journalists, our colleague Hanna Selena, experienced firearms influencer, took the opportunity to examine and even shoot the new PDP-F through the eyes (and hands) of a woman. Here are her impressions:

"I know the PDP very well by now and I am absolutely satisfied with my 4" Compact. But the F-Series is simply something else again. For people with small hands (about glove size 8 and under), the F-Series is simply even more comfortable. The narrower and flatter grip, of course with the same texture, is even more pleasant and therefore more stable. The mag release button is more intuitive to use, and the design of the back of the grip allows you to "slide" directly into the right position. In my eyes, a practice-oriented addition to the PDP series! I am very much looking forward to September, then I will buy the even shorter 3.5 inch version for sure!"

The Walther PDP-F is ideal for smaller hands

Both versions of the new Walther PDP-F in size comparison. They can also be distinguished by the front slide serrations (4” model with 3
serrations, 3.5” model with 2).
Shortened trigger distance: The trigger of the Walther PDP F series has been relocated to a place where every hand can find the perfect position for the trigger finger.

Introduced in 2021, the 9mm Walther PDP is a striker-fired, polymer framed service pistol already available in five versions, from full-size to compact, combining two different frame sizes and three different slide/barrel lengths. 

The new F-Series now adds much more to this having been “designed from the ground up to fit the contour of a woman’s hand”. The special features include reduced slide force, reduced grip circumference and reduced trigger reach.

In detail, utilizing a two-piece striker Walther has developed a brand new operating system that results in a 20% reduction in slide racking force, thus requiring less force to manipulate the gun – slide racking can in fact be problematic for women and new shooters as well.

The F-Series trigger has also been moved to a location where any hand can find the perfect trigger finger placement: the improved ‘PDT’ Performance Duty Trigger system has been achieved by shortening the length of travel and increasing the tactile definition of the trigger break. Lastly, the reduced grip circumference and different grip angle of F-Series pistols are ideally suited for the typically smaller female hands, allowing for a higher grip on the gun, with improved control and recoil

Two 9mm PDP F-Series variants are available: the compact 3.5” barrel model and a 4” barrel variant, both with the same frame and 15-round capacity. Price is the same for both, at $699 (two magazines are included).

Video: Walther PDP F-Series

Walther PDP F-Series, the solution for women shooters (and not just them)

new Walther PDP “F-Series” pistol
The reduced grip circumference and different grip angle of F-Series pistols are ideally suited for the typically smaller female hands.
The 4” Walther PDP-F, equipped with an Aimpoint Acro C1 in the flattest possible mounting above the hand.

“The F-Series is the solution women shooters have asked for, for years. Walther engineered a handgun based on our hands, with our feedback, to create a function and fit unmatched in the marketplace. Pair a woman with a firearm engineered for her and she is formidable at first shot,” explains Tatiana Whitlock,  firearms instructor of the Walther Defense Division team. F-Series pistols, anyway, can be interesting not just for women, but also for all those who find it difficult to rack a semi-auto slide or have very small hands with short fingers.

Obviously, The F-Series also shares the same nice features of the other PDP models (here you can find our full test of the Walther PDP). 

Among them, the SuperTerrain slide serrations for quicker and more responsive hands-on engagement with the pistol and the aggressive Performance Duty grip texture. Moreover, all PDP models are optics ready.

For more information please visit the Carl Walther website.

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