Taurus Defender 856, evolution of the species

The Taurus Defender 856 is offered in four standard models, plus two upgrade versions.  

Taurus introduces the 856 Defender DA/SA action revolver chambered for .38 Special +P ammo. Based on the original Taurus 856 model, the low profile Defender is specifically designed for concealed carry and comfort. It features a factory-installed front sight post with an integrated tritium vial, allowing for quick sight picture acquisition in low light conditions. For faster sight alignment in elevated ambient light conditions, the front sight post face surrounding the tritium element is bright orange.

Cylinder has a six-round capacity. The 3” barrel offers a longer sight radius for accuracy at distances beyond the personal space zone and also delivers increased muzzle velocity compared to 2-inch barrels. The Defender 856 comes with an extended ejector rod for quicker tactical reloads.

Four standard models are available, that include a stainless-steel frame with matte finish, ultralight aluminum alloy frame with matte finish, stainless steel frame with black Tenifer finish, and an aluminum alloy frame with hard coat black anodized finish. All models come with an ergonomic Hogue rubber grip.

Taurus also offers the Defender 856 in two upgrade versions featuring special grips and finish treatments: the Two-Tone model features a stainless-steel matte finish frame and barrel, black cylinder and a VZ grip in matching gray and black; or the Tungsten Cerakote model Defender 856 (frame, barrel, and cylinder) with Altamont walnut grip. 

Price in the USA is 429-477 USD, depending on configuration.

Taurus Defender 856
The low profile Defender 856 is specifically designed for concealed carry and comfort.

Taurus Defender 856 specs

.38 Special +P
Frame size: 

6 rounds

Action type: 
Barrel length: 
3” / 76 mm
Overall length: 
7.5” / 190 mm
Overall height: 
4.80” / 122 mm
Overall width: 
1.41” / 36 mm
stainless steel matte, aluminum alloy matte, stainless steel black tenifer, aluminum alloy hard coat black anodized, stainless steel matte/black and tungsten cerakote
Hogue rubber, VZ black/gray, walnut
Front sight: 
Tritium night sight w/bright orange outline
Rear sight: 

transfer bar

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