Product-Launch: Beretta APX A1, the evolution of the polymer framed striker-fired pistol

Video: Beretta APX A1 - the Carry version from USA

First unveiled in 2015, the Beretta APX is a latest-generation semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm caliber and .40 Smith & Wesson, featuring a striker-fired operation and a polymer frame. It is a type of individual weapon on which all the demands of the military market now converge. Another indispensable feature, especially for a service weapon, is adaptability to different users. The high percentage of women in the ranks of the professional military dictates that guns must fit smaller-than-average hands without difficulty, which explains the now indispensable option of the grip with interchangeable backstraps. But these were qualities that the Beretta APX already offered in its first version: so let's see what the further improvements are in the new APX A1.

All the new technical features of the Beretta APX A1 model

The Beretta APX A1 seen from the right side
The Beretta APX A1 seen from the right side: in this case the gun is fitted with a Burris FastFire 4 mini-reflex sight mounted on the slide.
the new 9mm Beretta APX1
A few lucky people have already had a chance to field test the new 9mm Beretta APX1.

Visually, the first difference one notices between the APX A1 and the previous model is a different design of the slide cocking serrations (also present on the slide front area) and the provision for mounting a mini-reflex sight in a low position. 

For the time being, photos of the gun show it equipped with a Burris FastFire 4 or Steiner MPS red dots, but it is easy to assume that – as with the equally recent 92X Performance Optic – adapter plates will be readily available for the most popular mini-reflex sights footprints.

The left side of the new Beretta APX A1
The left side of the new Beretta APX A1. Here the sight mounted is a Steiner MPS. 

The slide's deeper and carefully slanted serrations allow for manipulations such as racking and press checking even under extreme conditions. The slide's Aquatech Shield coating improves corrosion and chemicals resistance. The rear sight with anti-glare serrations and the front sight with tritium insert offer a perfect picture in any light condition.
Let's now shift our attention to the polymer frame. Here the ambidextrous controls (magazine release and slide stop) are easily configurable for right- or left-handed shooters, while the 360-degree extended textures on the polymer grip are located exactly where the user's hands exert the most pressure. Improved ergonomics include a higher undercut trigger guard, enhanced beavertail, and a grip with interchangeable modular panels in three sizes for customizing trigger reach. All these features help to maximize surface contact and to achieve a higher grip that ensures a more natural shooting position and better recoil control. There are also a number of textured, touch-sensitive areas on the frame front that allow for precise finger placement, and thus perfect indexing position.

Beretta APX A1
A detail of the slide. In addition to the newly designed cocking serrations, you can see the optic cut, protected by a metal plate. The front sight has a tritium insert.

The double-stack magazine is available with three different capacity levels: 10+1, 15+1 or 17+1 rounds in 9 Para caliber (9x19mm). Inside the frame we find a redesigned trigger assembly that offers the shooter a crisp release, characterized by a very short travel and reset. According to the manufacturer's claims this is the best trigger on the market in this pistol category.

What about the price? In Italy the Beretta APX A1 will retail at 772 euros, including two magazines, a loading tool and a cable lock. Market entry will be in Q3/2022.

We look forward to fully testing this new version of the Beretta APX which, thanks to the "Optics Ready" set-up, is an interesting handgun for sport shooting and home defense as well. As soon as we have further news we will share it with you readers. Stay tuned!

Beretta APX A1 technical specifications and price

Beretta APX A1
Adjustable rear, tritium front
Optics Ready:  Yes
Frame Material: 
Magazine Capacity: 
10+1, 15+1 or 17+1 rounds 
Barrel Length: 
4.25”/107 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH): 
5.8x1.5x5.6 in (189 x 33 x 141 mm)
Sight Radius: 
6.1”/154 mm
29 oz/824 g
772 euro (price may be different in other countries due to VAT and import duties)
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