SIG Sauer Mastershop: testing the P226 LDC II from B&H

SIG Sauer P226 LDC II "Target Mastershop" 
The "Target Mastershop" version from B&H featuring unique laminated wood grips fixed with Torx screws.

SIG Sauer has its own company branch that can make exclusive models or special requests come true – the Mastershop. SIG Sauer's Mastershop focuses mainly on modifications to trigger, sights and weight optimization. Grips and additional compensators are also available on request. In addition, purely aesthetic details such as gun color, surface coating or name engraving can be addressed. The B&H gun company near Bremen had three exclusive versions of the P226 LDC II manufactured by the Mastershop according to its own specifications. The regular LDC II pistols are already popular evergreens in the SIG Sauer catalog, that actually aren't lacking in anything. But the LDC models from B&H set individual accents and make good things even better. Let's take a look at the details:

SIG Sauer P226 LDC II from B&H with longer threaded barrel

SIG Sauer P226 LDC II from B&H disassebled
Basically, mechanics remain the same of the SIG Sauer P226, even with the exclusive models from B&H.

The gunsmiths did not change the basic mechanics of the gun. Also, the three B&H versions show up as typical P226 representatives, with a Browning-Petter system using the ejection port as the locking mechanism. The basic operation of the trigger has not been changed either. One of the most important changes compared to the production model is the barrel. All B&H Mastershop models come with a 5” / 125 mm threaded barrel with a muzzle thread cap. The B&H models can therefore be equipped with a silencer (where allowed by law) and they also use a significantly longer barrel (around 125 mm), which in turn results in noticeably higher energy values for the bullets. Frame and slide are still made from stainless steel. On the upper side of the slide, however, the "M" logo of the Mastershop is now milled into the three tuned pistols. Otherwise, however, the slide is the same as on the basic version.

P226 Mastershop LDC II: how it feels

Muzzle thread of the SIG Sauer Mastershop P226 LDC II from B&H
Each of the three guns comes with a muzzle thread and a correspondingly long 5” / 125 mm barrel. A silencer can also be fitted (where allowed by law).

In the rear slide area there are numerous serrations that are very easy to grip and the front sides are marked with the company and model name of the respective pistol. On the top of the slide , the observer can see a new sight system. B&H opted for micrometer sights by the specialist LPA. The windage-adjustable rear sight can also be adjusted in height by turning a screw and comes with a ribbed rear leaf with a rectangular notch. It goes well with the high front sight with a white  dot. Especially when shooting with a suppressor fitted, the tall front sight should be of noticeable advantage compared to the very flat fiber-optic sight of the basic version. The LDC grip comes with the eponymous Long-Dust-Cover (LDC) that comes right up to the muzzle and is also equipped with a tactical accessory rail. At the rear, the grip features a beavertail. This is a longer metal spur to protect the shooter's hand from possible hammer bites. The arrangement of the controls also fully complies with the LDC standard. All three types are also designed for left-handed users. 

The differences between the three P226 LDC versions from B&H

The B&H versions also feature the typical P226 decocker. Notable differences can be found in the three Mastershop guns especially in the choice of grips. The cheaper Mastershop version comes with relatively simple black polymer grips. These are neatly made and offer a good compromise between friendly skin contact and grip. The Target Mastershop model, which is priced in the middle, comes with more elaborately designed laminated wood grips. Here, too, you can rely on more noble-looking Torx screws, in contrast to the black slotted screws on the entry-level model.  The top model Super Target Mastershop comes with a metal magazine funnel in addition to the color-accentuated G10 grips with Torx screws. B&H now also equips the Super Target with increased capacity magazines to match the funnel. The Mec-Gar magazines come with an enlarged magazine base pad which gives them a capacity of two extra cartridges. The G10 grips offer a good purchase. Target and Super Target also feature an extended, more accessible magazine release button compared to standard LDCs. 

SIG Sauer Mastershop P226 LDC II on a green background, surrounded by crystals.
The "Mastershop" features simple but comfortable grips.
SIG Sauer Mastershop P226 LDC II Super Target Mastershop model
The "Super Target Mastershop" model comes with plywood grips fastened with Torx screws and a metal magazine funnel.  

What can the P226 LDC II Mastershop trigger do?

The single action/double action triggers of the three Mastershop pistols are quite identical in pull and characteristics. A few grams of difference in trigger pull weight are normal and can be considered an effect of series production, so to speak. In single action mode all three triggers are convincing. The trigger pull here is between 54.6 and 60 oz (1550-1700 g). Triggers travel is very smooth in single action mode: it is always scratch-free and break point is absolutely clearly detectable. In double-action mode, pull weigh in the tested guns is well over 194 oz / 5.5 kg for all three of them. Although the force required feels quite even over the longer double action mode, weight is noticeably too high. Previously tested LDC versions provided trigger pull weight values of only 155.2 oz / 4400 g. Nevertheless, in single action mode the trigger of all three versions is well suited for sports shooting – both for dynamic and target disciplines.

Model: SIG Sauer P226 LDC II
SIG Sauer P226 LDC II
Target Mastershop
SIG Sauer P226 LDC II
Super Target Mastershop
Price:1549 euro 
1699 euro 
1799  euro
Caliber:9 mm Luger9 mm Luger9 mm Luger
Magazine capacity:
17 + 1 cartridges 17 + 1 cartridges 19 + 1 cartridges 
Dimensions (L x W x H): 
8.85 x 1.41 x 5.82 in / 225 x 36 x 148 mm     
8.85 x 1.53 x 5.82 in / 225 x 39 x 148 mm
8.85 x 1.57 x 6.10 in / 225 x 40 x 155 mm
Barrel length:5” / 127 mm   5” / 127 mm   
5” / 127 mm
Sight radius:6.37” / 162 mm   6.37” / 162 mm    
6.37” / 162 mm    
Trigger pull weight:SA: 54.85 oz / 1555 g - DA: 199 oz / 5643 g   
SA: 59.26 oz / 1680 g - DA: 215.17 oz / 6100 g
SA: 58.2 oz /1650 g - DA: 199.29 oz / 5650 g
43.73 oz / 1240 g (with empty magazine) 
43.45 oz / 1232 g (with empty magazine) 44.93 oz / 1274 g (with empty magazine)
Notes:All-metal pistol with external hammer, single double-action trigger, barrel locking into the ejection port, threaded barrel, adjustable LPA micrometer sight, external decocker, tactical accessory rail, beavertail, spare magazine.       All-metal pistol with external hammer, single double-action trigger, barrel locking into the ejection port, threaded barrel, laminated wood grips with X-logo, adjustable LPA micrometer sight, external decocker, tactical accessory rail, beavertail, spare magazine. All-metal pistol with external hammer, single double-action trigger, barrel locking into the ejection port, threaded barrel, SIG Sauer G10 grips, adjustable LPA micrometer sight, external decocker, tactical accessory rail, beavertail, jet funnel, spare magazine.

Under test: at the shooting range with the B&H Mastershop pistol

We took the P226 LDC II Mastershop to the shooting range. Here the semi-automatic pistol was fired at a short 25 m range using a sandbag rest. The GECO hollow point cartridges provided the tightest grouping on the test target. It measured 47 mm in diameter. The remaining cartridge types were almost all in the 50 mm range. Only the 147 gr heavy Remington - UMC cartridges drifted noticeably off. But even with the Remington ammo, we were able to achieve respectable groupings. The sights, however, fit well for static target shooting, but also cut a good figure in dynamic disciplines thanks to the wide, tall front sight since it can be quickly recognized and brought onto the target. The trigger also offers a good balance between the two shooting disciplines: pull weight is low enough and the crisp break point also provides good feedback during trigger pull. The short reset, on the other hand, also benefits the shooter in dynamic shooting disciplines, where time is usually given greater consideration. The shooting behavior of the gun is very similar to that of a standard LDC. Thanks to its heavy weight – well over 42.3 oz / 1,200 g – the all-steel gun is always smooth with the factory loads used. Muzzle climb and recoil are therefore mild. All controls (slide stop lever, magazine release button, decocker, hammer) worked absolutely exemplary in the test. The Mastershop pistol fired through the entire test without a single malfunction. Even the empty cartridge cases were always ejected in an exemplary manner.

The exclusive SIG Sauer P226 LDC models from B&H: wrap-up

SIG Sauer P226 LDC II from B&H with kit and gun grease
All three guns from B&H come in a case with spare magazines, a cleaning kit and gun grease.

From our point of view, with its three exclusive SIG Sauer LDC models B&H offers further significant  developments on the basic pistols. In addition to a longer barrel (higher v0) and the possibility of retrofitting silencers, the Mastershop pistols also benefit from their completely revised sight system. Accuracy is comparable to the basic version. As usual, the quality of workmanship is at a very high level. There are no traces of tools worth mentioning inside the guns and also the fit of the barrel as well as the play between slide and frame are absolutely correct. Especially considering the good trigger characteristics in single action mode, the pistols are suitable for static shooting as well as for dynamic disciplines. Each gun comes in a black SIG Sauer case with two magazines, a cleaning kit and a tube of gun grease. already reported about the brand new models from the SIG Sauer Mastershop at the IWA, as well as about all SIG Sauer new products for 2019.

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