Pardini SP Sport Pistol HI-TECH and SP Rapid Fire HI-TECH – two new versions for the .22 LR semi-automatic

For 2024 Pardini Armi is offering enthusiasts a new version of its semi-automatic pistol, both the SP Sport Pistol model designed for the sport pistol discipline and the Rapid Fire intended for semi-automatic pistol competitions. This is a gun that has won every kind of competition across all continents, the result of the experience built up over the years by Giampiero Pardini. The Pardini SP has set new standards in athlete performance and has established itself as the gun to beat in Olympic sport pistol and rapid fire pistol competitions.

Despite its almost unchallenged supremacy, the company is not sitting on its laurels and in 2024 is launching a version that incorporates the latest technological developments available. "We have made changes where we feel there is room for improvement," says Giampiero Pardini, who is as much the heart and soul of the company today just as much as when he started out in 1976.

The new HI-TECH version of the Pardini SP semi-automatic pistol is distinguished by its green finish.

The Pardini SP HI-TECH gun, a renewed classic

The new SP, available in Sport Pistol and Rapid Fire Pistol versions, has been given the HI-TECH acronym to highlight the technological leap forward. At Pardini, work has been done on both reliability and ergonomics, introducing a series of distinctive features for the new versions.

The trigger mechanism (hammer and counter hammer) and the bolt, the parts which are most subject to wear, now feature a DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) treatment with strong anti-wear, anti-abrasion, anti-friction and anti-corrosion/oxidation/chemical aggression qualities. The new-generation coating, just a few microns thick, has a hardness of over 2,000 Vickers Hv which improves the steel's characteristics. The coating provides very high mechanical strength together with a very low coefficient of friction and has been applied to the slide to increase its mechanical strength and smoothness, with benefits for the gun stability and the trigger mechanisms to make them stronger and last longer.

The new magazine for Pardini SP pistols in .22 LR is made of carbon polymer using 3D printers.

The bolt has been redesigned, now featuring newly designed charging handles that make it easier to grip even for those with small hands. Changes to the SP in HI-TECH trim include an oversized magazine release button and a newly designed magazine with an ergonomic base plate that makes it easier to grip. The magazine itself is made of carbon polymer using 3D printers, the company's latest technological advancement. The rest of the gun is unchanged and comes with the adjustable trigger, adjustable and interchangeable sights, dynamic counterweight and adjustable walnut grip available in four sizes for right-handed shooters (XS, S, M and L) and three for left-handed shooters (S, M, L). In addition, the engravings take  on a 3D effect, created by the new lasers used by the manufacturer. Over the last two years, Pardini Armi has renewed its entire machine park, machining centers, robot lathes, wire EDM, satin-finishing machines, 3D printers, lasers and polishing equipment, which have further improved the quality of its products.

The Rapid Fire version is immediately recognisable by the red colour of the rings on the bolt charging handle.

Pardini SP Sport Pistol HI-TECH and SP Rapid Fire HI-TECH specs

Model:SP Sport Pistol HI-TECHSP Rapid Fire HI-TECH
.22 LR.22 LR
5 rounds5 rounds
Barrel Length:
120 mm120 mm
Rifling Twist:
6Dx450 mm
6Dx450 mm
Sight Radius:
220 mm220 mm
Click Adjustment:
5 mm5 mm
Materials:Polymer, steel, ErgalPolymer, steel, Ergal
Finishing:Anodised Ergal partsAnodised Ergal parts
Weight:1,095 g1,150 g
Overall Length:295 mm295 mm
Height:140 mm140 mm
Width:49 mm49 mm
Grip:Wood, adjustableWood, adjustable
Price:2,482 euro
2,825 euro

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