Kimber Micro Carry line of semiautomatic pistols

Paganini S.r.l. showcased the Kimber Micro Carry line of .380 ACP semi-automatic pistols at the 2016 HIT Show
The Kimber Micro Carry line of semi-automatic, .380 ACP line of pistols consists of six models

The Paganini S.r.l. company − a prominent Italian importer and distributor of civilian-grade firearms − showcased the line of .380 caliber Kimber Micro Carry semi-automatic pocket pistols.

Weighing less than 400 grams overall, featuring a 7-centimetres long barrel and a 142mm overall length, the Kimber Micro Carry semi-automatic pocket pistols are just 2,7 centimetres wide and were conceived mainly for 24/7 concealed carry − be it as a primary defensive pistol or as a back-up, off-duty or undercover alternative − as well as to suit the needs of women, small-handed shooters, elders, and other categories of users who may want a handgun that offers small dimensions, low recoil and muzzle climb, all matched by high accuracy and acceptable stopping power.

All the moving parts and key components of the Kimber Micro Carry line of pistols are machined out of stainless steel for higher strength and longer service life. The Kimber Micro Carry pistols are pocket-sized versions of the classic 1911 pistol design, albeit offering some unique features that make them easier to manipulate and operate even in the more stressful situation. All Kimber Micro Carry pistol variants − the Micro Carry Black, Micro Carry Stainless, Micro CDP, Micro Crimson Carry, Micro Carry Advocat and Micro Bi-Color − feed through a metal single-stack, six-shots magazine, and each one of those offers peculiarities such as unique finish and sights options, and even the availability of a Crimson Trace laser sight.

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