Hatsan Jet 1, the versatile and powerful PCP air gun

Manufactured in Turkey, the Hatsan Jet 1 PCP air pistol is available in the three most popular calibers in the field of PCP guns, namely .177 (4.5 mm), .22 (5.5 mm) and .25 (6.35 mm). The Jet pistol was designed for the use with diabolo-type pellets (i.e. non-spherical) and is fed from a rotary magazine with a capacity of 8 rounds in 4.5 mm, 7 rounds in 5.5 mm, or 6 rounds in 6.35 mm. The barrel length is 7.9”/200 millimeters and the bullet exit velocities in the different calibers are 235 m/s, 210 m/s, 197 m/s respectively. with a max energy of about 25.3 joules (in .25/6.35 mm caliber). 

Hatsan Jet 1, "aggressive" aesthetics for a unique gun

The polymer stock of the Hatsan Jet 1 is telescoping, has an adjustable cheek rest, and can be easily detached from the gun.

The aesthetics of the Hatsan Jet echo that of an academic shooting pistol with a good injection of "badassery", this thanks mainly to the "all black" surface finish and the rails for the mounting of optics. Complementing the "tactical" effect is also and especially the removable polymer buttstock, which is telescopic and features an adjustable cheek rest allowing the gun to be transformed into a very compact mini-carbine. The semi-anatomical grip, with its lower extension, also contributes to this pistol's appearance as an ultimately intriguing hybrid. As standard, the Hatsaj Jet has a sight set consisting of an elevation- and windage-adjustable notch and a Truglo front sight with fiber optic inserts. However, the gun is optics-ready, with a classic 11mm/22mm wide airgun rail. This allows the use of most PCP gun optics with dedicated mounts on the market.

The trigger of the Hatsan Jet 1 is double-stage adjustable and allows for the best possible use of the accuracy and power of the gun, which is essentially intended for recreational use. The weight of this true mini-carbine is 1,540 grams with the stock mounted. Overall length without stock is 380 mm – 580 mm with stock.

The Hatsan Jet 1 is powered by a 40 cc aluminum air tube also available in green or red color. The retail price of the Hatsan Jet 1 is 459 euros (price may be different in your country due to local VAT and import duties).

Hatsan Jet 1 specs and price

Manufacturer:Hatsan - Turkey
Jet 1
Type:PCP air gun
Calibers:.177 (4.5 mm), .22 (5.5 mm) and .25 (6.35 mm)
Air Reservoir:

40 cc aluminum detechable tube

Operating Pressure:250 bar
Magazine Capacity:
8 - 7 - or 6-round rotary
Sights:Adjustable rear, Truglo front, 11/22mm optics rail
Barrel Lenght:200 mm
Stock:Detachable and telescoping
Price:459 euro
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