GLOCK G45 MOS in 9mm Luger

Many shooters like the proportions a Glock G17 frame and G19 slide offer. Basically, the new G45 is a G19X with a black instead of sand-colored "Coyote Tan" finish. The attentive observer will also notice the serrations in the slide front area, which were previously only found on the special model G17 / 19 FS model.

G45 MOS in detail 

 Slide catch lever and visor of the GLOCK G45 M.O.S. in close-up.
The slide catch lever can be operated by both left-handed and right-handed people.

The large grip of the G45 MOS is based on the latest generation G17’s one. It lacks the finger grooves on the grip and the magazine well is slightly flared to make magazine change easier. The now also right-sided slide stop lever facilitates handling for left-handers or one-handed strong hand/weak hand shooting training. The exchangeable backstraps of the "Multiple Backstrap System" (MBS) make it possible to adapt to the individual size of the hand. The slide features the extremely durable nDLC coating with a deep black look. The drift-adjustable rear sight now comes with a wider 4.40 mm notch coupled with a 3.75 mm front sight, which allows for more light around the front sight especially for large shooters with correspondingly long arms or under adverse lighting conditions.

GLOCK G45 M.O.S. in 9 mm Luger rear view
The possibility of mounting an MRDS makes iron sights unnecessary.

But in principle, in the MOS models you can safely do without the iron sights by mounting a miniature reflex sight (Mini Red Dot Sight, MRDS). The slide of the G45 MOS features a corresponding window cutout in the rear area and the gun comes factory with four different, approximately 2.5 mm thick mounting plates. The 01 mounting plate allows you to attach Docter Sight reflex sights from Noblex, EOTech MRDS or Meopta Meo Sight II and III. With the 02 and 03 adapter plates, the Trijicon RMR and the C-More RTS2 as well as STS and STS2 can be mounted. The 04 mounting adapter  is intended for the Leupold Delta Point or the even younger Leupold Delta Point Pro. Mounting is very simple and can be carried out by the uninitiated without any problems. First remove the cover plate with a Torx screwdriver and then screw on the corresponding adapter plate. The red dot sight is then mounted on the adapter plate using the screws provided by the red dot sight manufacturer.

The handle of the GLOCK G45 M.O.S.
The magazine well is slightly flared to make magazine change easier.
GLOCK G45 M.O.S.: front serrations
The G45 also features front slide serrations.
GLOCK G45 MOS with Trijicon optics mounted.
The GLOCK G45 MOS with Trijicon optics.

Typical Gen5 features

The "inner values" of the Gen5 pistols – and thus of the G45 MOS – include, for example, the enhanced Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB) with increased accuracy and a standard 2,200 g trigger spring for better performance. The peculiar square-shaped firing pin tip of the gun generations 1 to 4 is no longer to be found here, so that the primer from fired cartridges now will carry a round firing pin imprint. Anyone considering a retrofit of the G45 MOS or other Gen 5 models, should be careful in choosing among the wide range of third-party aftermarket parts to see if the latest generation of tuning components can be used. Especially in terms of firing pin, firing pin safety and trigger parts, the components are not always compatible and often available for earlier generations.

Practical advantages of the GLOCK G45 MOS

 GLOCK G45 M.O.S. pulled out from the holster
The GLOCK G45 MOS: carrying comfort combined with high magazine capacity and the possibility to use an optical system.

What advantage can you expect from the new crossover models like the G45 MOS? In principle, it's about combining the full size grip and its associated great magazine capacity with a shorter slide. When carrying concealed with an IWB (Inside the Waistband) or a just as popular AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waistband) holster you can benefit from the increased comfort. Because at the end of the day, the G45 MOS with its 4.02” / 102 mm long barrel is about 0.47” / 12 mm shorter than a G17 with the same firepower.

GLOCK G45 MOS: technical data

9 mm Luger
Magazine capacity: 
Frame:polymer grip with steel inserts
steel, nDLC coated, MRDS-ready
Barrel length: 
4.02” / 102 mm, hexagonal rifling GMB, 1-250 mm right-hand twist
Rear sight: drift adjustable, with white-outlined 4.4 mm notch
Front sight: 
ramp type with white dot, 3.5 mm
Sight radius:
6.14” / 156 mm
3 (automatic)

Safe Action with partially pre-tensioned system and integrated trigger safety lever, trigger weight about 2,600 g

24.52 oz / 695 grams (with empty magazine)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 
7.44”x1.34”x5.47” (189x34x139 mm)

4 interchangeable backstraps, plastic case, spare magazine, cleaning tools, magazine loader

874 euro for the G45 MOS version – 759 euro for the G45 standard version (prices in your country may vary due to importer and VAT)

For more information please visit Glock website.

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