New pistols from GLOCK – SHOT Show 2019 preview:  G43X and G48 Slimline models in 9 mm Luger

Die Glock G43X wird geholstert.
The single-stack GLOCK G43X (pictured here) and the GLOCK G48 were designed primarily for concealed carrying.

With the new year come two interesting additions to GLOCK’s already extensive pistol lineup – namely the G43X and the G48, both chambered in 9x19mm (9 Luger). GLOCK has a longstanding policy of not dropping new products on the market just to make the news or without a thorough analysis of customers’ need and demands. The G43X and the G48 make no exception: the new pistols were designed primarily for concealed carrying following recent innovations in the form of the G45 crossover – combining the large G17 grip with the short G19 slide – and the G17 / G19 Gen5 M.O.S. (Modular Optic System).

These two extremely slim 9mm G43X and G48 pistols are recognizable at first glance by their silver coated slide. Both new models feature a single-stack magazine with a capacity of 10 cartridges

9 mm Luger GLOCK G43X - highlights

The new GLOCK G43X offers the hand a larger gripping area than the G43.

The GLOCK G43X offers a larger grip than the G43. In contrast to the well-known GLOCK G43, a subcompact pistol with a capacity of just 6 rounds, the grip of the new G43X has been in fact extended, so that now 4 more 9x19 cartridges can be stored in the magazine. In addition, the polymer frame with built-in extended beavertail also provides a larger surface, thus improving ergonomics when firing. The slide matches the G43’s one in terms of size, but has an indestructible, silver-colored nPVD hard coating as well as additional front serrations. The GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) with polygonal rifling for enhanced accuracy is 3.4 in / 87 mm long. Other noteworthy features, a short trigger distance and the reversible magazine catch.

With the ideal dimensions of 165 mm length x 128 mm height x 28 mm width (6.5 x5 x 1.1 in), the GLOCK G43X weighs only 530 g with empty magazine (654 g with full magazine - or 18.6 - 23 oz).

According to GLOCK, the new G43X model will already be available from specialist retailers from the end of January 2019 and will cost 702 euro in Germany (price in other countries may vary due to VAT and other taxes).

What you should know in advance about the GLOCK G48 in 9 mm Luger

The GLOCK G48 is as long and tall as the G19. It is less noticeable due to the slimmer design conceived for concealed carry.

The GLOCK G48 is as long and tall as the G19, but it is less noticeable due to the slimmer design specifically conceived for concealed carry. The width is four millimeters less due to the single instead of double-stack magazine (G48 = 28 mm / G19 Gen5 = 32 mm). This makes the pistol more concealable and reduces the notorious "printing" (when the outline of the gun is visible through clothing). It also has the same features as the G43X: a silver hard coated slide with front serrations, polymer frame with extended grip spur, short trigger distance, reversible magazine release button and 4.1 in / 106 mm GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB). GLOCK G48 dimensions are 185 mm length x 128 mm height x 28 mm width (7.2 x 5 x 1.1 in) and it marks on the scale a weight of 20.7 oz / 588 g with empty magazine (25.1 oz / 712 g with full magazine).

The GLOCK G48 will also be available from end of January 2019 from specialist retailers. The retail price for the German market is 725 euro (price in other countries may vary).

We look forward to seeing for ourselves the new GLOCK models at the SHOT Show 2019. Of course, detailed tests will follow shortly on

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