New from CZ: Česká Zbrojovka CZ P-10 M – A single-stack, slim version of the popular polymer pistol

The full-size CZ P-10 F (Full Size) service pistol and the more handy CZ P-10 C (Compact) already pleased us in the past with their brilliant handling characteristics and their no-frills design. With them you can get a great gun for little money, while shooting behavior, functional safety and accuracy are also ok. These striker-fired polymer framed pistols with Browning-Petter locking system have barrel lengths of 114 mm (F) and 102 mm (C) and double-stack magazines, with ample capacity for 19 and 15 cartridges respectively.

The new CZ P-10 M: a self-defense pistol for concealed carrying

The brand-new CZ P-10 M is based on the proven technology of its predecessors mentioned above. But it has become much lighter and smaller in weight and dimensions. It's particularly slim with a polymer grip for a single-stack magazine with a capacity for 7 rounds. It is the width of a pistol that makes itself felt in a holster during daily use and ensures whether the gun  "printing" is conspicuous (marking the pistol contours through clothing) or not. This is where the narrow CZ P-10 M can clearly show its advantages and thus joins the manageable segment of super-flat polymer pistols such as GLOCK 43, 43X or 48.

The CZ P-10 M weighs 22.22 oz/630 g when empty and features an 3.3"/85 mm barrel, a frame with interchangeable backstraps, a partially cocked trigger with integrated safety and 3-dot metal night sights. Price: 539 euro (it may vary in your country).

Video: CZ P-10 Micro for self-defense

CZ P-10 M – Technical specs and price

Model:CZ P-10 M
Price:539 Euro
Caliber:9mm Luger
Magazine capacity:7+1 rounds
Barrel length:3.3"/85 mm
Weight:22.22 oz/630 g
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