Adams Arms AA19, a fully-accessorized "quasi GLOCK"

The American civilian gun market is experiencing a real feeding frenzy. For more than a year now, American enthusiasts have been buying everything they can, officially for fear that the newly elected President Biden might introduce restrictions in the future – which in any case could not be retroactive. Visiting the websites of US companies and reading the words "sold out" next to dozens of different gun models actually makes some impression.

Among the many guns manufactured in the USA for the domestic market by small local companies, we have chosen to introduce the Adams Arms AA19, which already from the beginning reveals the original gun from which it is inspired. Adams Arms is a company based in Brooksville, in the US state of Florida, that manufactures mainly semi-automatic AR-15 style rifles for hunting, defense and law enforcement use. Like many of its competitors, at some point Adams Arms felt the need to include in its catalog a handgun, and here comes the AA19.

Adams Arms AA19, a "quasi Glock" in 9mm caliber

the Adams Arms AA19
The image allows you to appreciate the extensive millings on the slide of the Adams Arms AA19.

If you feel that the AA19 outline is familiar, you are not wrong: this gun belongs to the generation of handguns explicitly inspired by GLOCK, represented by brands such as ZEV Technologies, which started the business by building aftermarket accessories for the Austrian gun and over time have become manufacturers of top-level guns. The same is true for Adams Arms, which initially offered GLOCK users two different aftermarket slides for the 17 and 19 models, while is now offering a complete pistol. 

Chambered in 9x19mm caliber, the Adams Arms AA19 is built on a VS19 polymer frame with particularly accentuated ergonomics and featuring geometrically textured sides for a better grip; the front and back straps show instead a stippling pattern. The complex profile of the trigger guard is designed to offer at the same time a solid support for the weak hand to allow a very high grip, reducing the distance between the barrel bore axis and the user's hand. On the dust cover there is the inescapable Picatinny rail for the mounting of accessories. Inside the frame you find a Vickers trigger group manufactured by Tangodown, another famous manufacturer of aftermarket components for GLOCK pistols. 

The VS19 slide is made of 416 stainless steel, it features lightening millings on the top and both front and rear serrations. Thanks to a series of adapter plates the gun can mount Trijicon RMR, Leupold Deltapoint, Shield RMS, Burris Fastfire 3, Vortex Venom/Viper, Vortex Razor and C-More STS mini-reflex red dot sights. As standard, the AA19 Is fitted with a driftable low-profile rear sight and a fixed front sight. 

The metal parts have a matte black nitriding.La canna da 4,8 pollici (12 cm) ha The 4.8”/120 mm barrel has a ½ x 28  muzzle thread, protected by a cap, that allows the mounting of a suppressor (where allowed by law), while the internal Match rifling with 1:16 twist ensures maximum accuracy. The pistol comes with two Magpul G19 double-stack magazines with a capacity of 15+1 rounds. Being a true clone of the Glock 19, at least in terms of size, the AA19 can mount all the accessories available on the market for the Austrian gun, with endless possibilities for customization.

The price of the Adams Arms AA19 in the US is $999, equal to about €885.

Adams Arms AA19 specs and price

Adams Arms, USA
Semi-automatic pistol
9mm Luger
Tangodown Vickers 
15-round Magpul 
Barrel Length: 
4.8”/120 mm
20.1 oz/570 grams
$999 (about 850 euro)
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