Swarovski X5 and X5(i), a brand new line of riflescopes

Swarovski Optik introduces the X5 and X5(i) series of riflescopes
The ¼ MOA X5(i) 3,5-18x50 P and the ¼ MOA or ⅛ MOA X5(i) 5-25x56 P scopes will be available through selected Swarovski dealers starting September 2015

Austrian-based Swarovski Optik company first showcased the new X5 and X5(i) line of riflescopes last March, at the 2015 edition of the IWA OutdoorClassics trade show. Full-scale distribution and marketing availability in most Countries is slated to kick off by September 1st, 2015.

Conceived to be intuitively simple to use and packed with state-of-the-art features and technologies, the Swarovski X5 and X5(i) were designed to offer top performances for the most demanding long range shots, even in difficult conditions and in all fields of use, from hunting to long-range shooting sports competitions.

The Swarovski X5 and X5(i) riflescopes will be available in three different variants: a ¼ MOA 3,5-18x50P and a ¼ MOA or ⅛ MOA 5-25x56P. 

Four different kinds of reticle are available for all of the above: the BRM reticle was specifically conceived for long-distance shots; the 4W reticle was developed for those shooters that use the turrets only to adjust the elevation while relying on the reticle itself to adjust for windage; the 4WX was designed to provide better distance assessment capabilities; last, the simple Plex reticle focuses on the dot as its centerpiece.

Swarovski Optik introduces the X5 and X5(i) series of riflescopes
Each model will be available with four reticles, illuminated in the X5(i) riflescopes and non-illuminated on the X5 riflescopes; a PXC personalized distance dial is optional

The difference between the Swarovski X5 and X5(i) riflescopes is the reticle illumination unit featured on the eyepiece of the X5(i) model that allows the reticle illumination to be turned on or off, and to be adjusted on ten different levels.

When the illumination is turned off, the reticles on the Swarovski X5(i) riflescopes are completely black and transparent; when it is turned on, it covers their entire surface, thus providing the highest possible level of contrast (and, in turn, a higher level of accuracy) by night and day alike, even in bad weather or low environmental light conditions.
An optional feature available for the Swarovski X5 and X5(i) riflescopes is the PXC personalized range dial, featuring etched ballistic informations up to 40 MOA that allows the shooter to easily read for aiming distances or ranges without having to re-align the scope itself.

Swarovski Optik introduces the X5 and X5(i) series of riflescopes
The reticle illumination unit of the Swarovski X5(i) riflescopes provides up to ten different illumination levels

The spring locking system featured on the adjustment turrets of the Swarovski X5 and X5(i) riflescopes allows them to cover an ultra-wide adjustment interval, up to 116 MOA; the return lever offers a constant pressure in every position, providing a very accurate adjustment of the point of impact, both in windage and elevation.

Plus, the parallax turret enables the shooter to adjust said factor perfectly according to the requested shooting distance, and the magnification adjustment dial can be read literally in the blink of an eye.

Likewise, the top turret is optimized for long-range shots and can be re-adjusted to the requested range at any given moment. It features a see-through hole dubbing as a rotation indicator, and a function dubbed the "SUBZERO" that allows the reticle to be adjusted below the zeroing distance − thus providing pinpoint accuracy even on short-range targets.

Swarovski Optik introduces the X5 and X5(i) series of riflescopes
From left to right, a cutaway of the adjustment turrets and a close-up of the control panel for the reticle illumination unit

Swarovski X5 and X5(i) riflescopes offer excellent optical performance through out their magnification range, with a very wide field of view and a very high image resolution; all X5 and X5(i) are hand-manufactured with the best available materials, and undergo strict quality controls before being put on sale. 

The thick walls of the main tube, the steel components of the adjustment turrets and their spring-loaded locking system provide the maximum possible stability on all conditions, even when used with high-impulse calibers or at extreme temperatures; the Swarovski X5 and X5(i) are also capable to withstand impacts and shocks that would otherwise turn most directly competing products into scrap. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the Swarovski X5 and X5(i) riflescopes has been set at €2,900.00 and €3,100.00 respectively; the scopes are available for direct purchase through the Swarovski e-Shop, as well as through authorized Swarovski dealers worldwide, starting September 1st, 2015.

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