New Swarovski Optik EL Range 8x32 binoculars: ultra compact, with rangefinder and Tracking Assistant

Through the EL Range binoculars and the related App, the hunter can receive the ballistic information needed for shooting. 

The new EL Range 8x32 expands the range of Swarovski Optik binoculars by offering an even more compact and lightweight alternative for hunters and hikers who need practical and reliable accessories in the field. In this case with regard to utility and safety, the EL Range binoculars are a real guide to find your way, with the Tracking Assistant function.

With the rangefinder-equipped binoculars we can observe the point of interest by calculating its distance and through the same binoculars or with a bluetooth connected phone and GPS function, we can receive the data and the path to follow. In hunting situations, by calculating the range through the EL Range app the hunter can receive all the ballistic information needed to safely evaluate your shot in a few moments, adjust the scope and then reach the area where your last shot hit the target by following the calculated route.

The App is easily downloaded and can be used with Android and iOS operating systems. Managing the advanced technology of the new binoculars is facilitated by the presence of only two buttons located near the focus wheel, in a convenient and intuitive position.l’altezza della ghiera di regolazione della messa a fuoco, in posizione comoda e intuitiva. 

Video: new Swarovski Optik EL Range 8x32 binoculars

Optimized in ergonomics and weighing just 600 grams, the new binoculars are also easy to operate through the two buttons that give access to settings. 

The ergonomics of the Swarovski EL Range have been taken care of down to the smallest detail, and this is seen in all the features of the binoculars such as the weight optimization, which is around 600 grams.

We saw the new EL Range binoculars in action during our visit to the Swarovski Campex Valley in the Italian Apennines and we can confirm their performance, which is truly remarkable as far as field of view quality, accuracy and data processing speed are concerned.

The recommended retail price of the new binoculars is that of a specific high-end product and is around 3,320 euros, with expected availability from October 2023.

For more information about the EL Range 8x32 binoculars please visit the Swarovski website.

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