Swarovski Optik (re-)launches two new driven hunting riflescopes from the well-known Z8i series

The two new ones from Swarovski Optik: left the Z8i+ 0.75-6x20, right the 1-8x24.

Swarovski Optik is launching revised versions of its Z8i driven hunt riflescopes, which will be available from selected specialist retailers from September 4, 2023. In addition to other improvements, the new models, called Z8i+, offer a larger field of view in particular: the field of view of the 0.75 version has been improved by 15% compared to the previous model, while the 1x version has a 17% larger field of view. A shorter zoom rotation and the proven Clickone function are also designed to help hunters concentrate on essentials during driven hunts. Stefan Hämmerle, Member of the Executive Board – Marketing and Sales at Swarovski Optik, explains: “You have to maintain an overview, sight in the game correctly in difficult terrain, then act quickly and appropriately at the crucial moment – these are the challenges of driven hunting. With the new Z8i+ models, we are once again living up to our guiding principle of ‘constantly improving what is good’. With the significantly enlarged field of view, we are launching an unrivalled optic on the market that will provide hunters with maximum assistance in line with good hunting practice.”

all4hunters.com hat sich die Details der beiden, neuen Gläser einmal genauer angeschaut:

Swarovski Optik Z8i+ 1-8x24 and Z8i+ 0.75-6x20 in detail

The TL throw lever is intended to ensure quicker handling and is included standard with the new Swarovski Optik Z8i+ scopes.

The 0.75 version of the Z8i+ comes with a field of view of 64.6 meters at 100 meters, while the 1x version here boasts 50 meters at 100 meters. The eyepiece has also been modified, which should improve target acquisition on the one hand and viewing comfort on the other. The 8x zoom allows the game to be sighted in even at correspondingly longer ranges.

Zoom rotation has also been shortened to 160 degrees on the Z8i+ models. The ergonomic TL throw lever should provide quicker and easier adjusting of the zoom ring. The lever is available in black or orange and is now supplied as standard. Swarovski Optik's Clickone function signals with a noticeable click that 1x magnification has been reached on the 0.75 model. This is intended to ensure more intuitive operation.

The new Swarovski Optik Z8i+ 1-8x24 in detail. Here the version with rail.

Both Z8i+s are available with the 4A-IF reticle. This is characterized by an illuminated ring, which the hunter can switch on and off as required using Flexchange technology. This ensures individual and flexible adaptation to the hunting situation. The Z8i+ 0.75-6x20 is also optionally available with a D-I reticle. This has been reduced to a single illuminated dot and provides the hunter with an almost unobscured view of the target.

Accessories for the new Z8i+ driven hunt riflescopes from Swarovski Optik

A whole range of optional accessories is also compatible with the two Swarovski Optik Z8i+ riflescopes. Here, for example, SLP+ protectors for the objective and eyepiece lenses.

Like other members of the Z8i family from Swarovski Optik, the hunter can fit the two new models with the BTF ballistic turret. This can be used both as an elevation and windage turret. The SLP+ scope lens protector, keeping dirt out of the objective and eyepiece lenses, is also available as an option, as is Swarovski Optik's AFL+ anti-fog lens.

As mentioned above, both glasses will be available from selected retailers from September 4, 2023. 

Directly with the launch of the two new Z8i+ rifle scopes, Swarovski Optik has also expanded its clothing line for driven hunting. Here you can see the Shield Cap, the GP Gloves Pro and the HV Hunting Vest.

Swarovski Optik also expands Gear hunting clothing range

To coincide with the (re-)launch of two new driven hunt scopes, Swarovski Optik is also announcing the expansion of its Gear range. New to the range are the Shield Cap, the GP Gloves Pro and the HV Hunting Vest. The colors of these garments are all signal orange and can be used accordingly for driven hunting. In addition, there is the new TSH T-shirt Hunting, which is intended for use regardless of the time of the year and hunting season. The new products in the GEAR line can already be purchased online in the Swarovski Optik Shop.

As always, the editorial team is already working on getting their hands on the new Swarovski riflescopes and then providing you here at all4hunters.com with their field experiences as usual.

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