Kahles Competition World – Strong event commitment and new ideas around sport optics

VIDEO: KAHLES Dynamic Long Range Competition 2021 [ENG]

In 1898 Karl Robert Kahles founded the optics company of the same name in Vienna, which today and almost 125 years later makes a very young, fresh impression with its current products – but also because the company representatives are increasingly appearing where Kahles optics are used in practice. For example, in international shooting sports: here Kahles is represented by a large team of currently about 60 athletes, organizes its own international Kahles Dynamic Long Range Competition (KDLR) and sponsors other top-class competitions.

From Kahles' self-description: "We are actively engaged in various shooting disciplines, promoting and developing competition shooting at international level. With our own series of competitions, we offer ambitious shooters the opportunity to compete cross-border in challenging sports competition in which we attach great importance to security, fairness and mutual respect."

Kahles Competition World – Strong event commitment and new ideas around sport optics
Just a sample of the various shooting sports Kahles covers with its optics, but also through sponsored shooters (click into the picture to go directly to the Competition section on www.kahles.at)
Part of the Kahles team
Part of the Kahles team, German Sascha Back in row 1, center.

In doing so, the members of the various Kahles teams cover virtually all areas in which dynamic shooting sports are practiced. Almost 60 (!) supported athletes from a good dozen countries are listed in the Kahles Team. Among them, the multiple German IPSC and Steel Challenge champion Sascha Back, who was also already European revolver champion, but competes for Kahles mainly with his DAR AR-15 platform. Alexander Kreutz is also there as a German F-Class shooter when it comes to long range shooting.

The Competition Calendar
The Competition Calendar clearly shows the competition locations in 2021 and 2022 on Google Maps. 

In IPSC shooting, an official cooperation has just been established between Kahles and the World IPSC Federation, specifically to promote competitions in IPSC Rifle. The Precision Rifle Series, or PRS for short, is another important part, because there athletes need very high-quality optics with quickly adjustable mechanics: In other words, high-tech at its finest. “The international Precision Rifle Series  series in USA has always been one of KAHLES most important partners in the field of dynamic shooting sports. Starting from USA, we support today a large number of  national PRS-Series all over the world with the common goal to support specifically the sport and its participants." In addition to IPSC and PRS, the range of disciplines from the Kahles repertoire includes the Dynamic Long Range and F-Class long range shooting disciplines, 3-Gun and Multigun competitions, Benchrest down to the Field Target and Action Air airgun sports. All of these shooting sports require high quality target optics, preferably from Kahles, which is the common thread, so to speak.

The Competition Calendar for 2022
The Competition Calendar for 2022, unfortunately still subject to Corona-related cancellations or special conditions of participation (a click leads directly into it).

If you feel like shooting somewhere yourself (conditions of participation vary, of course), you will find the next dates for 2022 in the Competition Calendar

An overview of the various Kahles scopes, red dots and other aiming aids is of course also available on the Kahles website, along with numerous test reports from trade magazines and online platforms worldwide

This link leads to the home page of the Kahles website.

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