Warrior Competition: International Special Forces at KASOTC

The six day competition is held from April 30th to May 5th at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) and compliments the Special Operations Exhibition (SOFEX) biennially.

This year the Annual Warrior Competition will be introducing the events by name only, leaving the actual details a mystery to the teams until arrival. In general, the events are designed to test advanced combat marksmanship, climbing techniques, team work, time management, endurance, planning, team cohesion, speed, urban combat maneuverability, accomplishing tasks under stress, breaching skills, team communication, high angle marksmanship, sniper team skills, precision shooting at unknown distances and over all physical fitness. 

6th Annual Warrior Competition
35 teams will participate in the 6th Annual Warrior Competition
6th Annual Warrior Competition
Live Fire Shoot House at KASOTC

The Warrior Competition will showcase the skills of counter-terrorism and special operations forces in events. Such as the ” Last Easy Day”, “Airbus Seizure” and “High Angle Drive By” to name a few. This demonstration of marksmanship, endurance and teamwork will highlight the capabilities of nations to continue to confront the presence of terrorism within the global community. 

The significance of this annual competition is found in the purpose for which KASOTC was built. 

Nowhere else in the world is there a larger, more sophisticated, live-fire, counter-terrorism and special operations training facility where forces for good converge to share tactics, techniques and procedures.

all4shooters.com is communication partner of the Warrior Competition. Have a look at the website and you will find us there. We highly appreciate this event and the international battle against terrorist attacks worldwide.

6th Annual Warrior Competition
The trophy for the winner - 6th Annual Warrior Competition

More information: www.kasotc.com or www.warriorcompetition.com

Important side notice:


The Special Operations Exhibition (SOFEX) is held also in Jordan from May 5th to 8th in the King Abdullah I Airbase in Amman (Jordan).

More information: www.sofexjordan.com