Innovations and highlights of IWA 2023: trade show report from Day 1 of the big gun show

Following Enforce Tac 2023, IWA OutdoorClassics 2023 opened its doors to trade visitors today. According to information from the trade show, visitors can expect 1,071 registered exhibitors from a total of 53 countries, three new special show formats, many presentations on current topics and a community event.

Thomas Preutenborbeck, Member of the Management Board of NürnbergMesse, is also pleased about the exhibitor growth of 25 per cent: "We are emerging from the crisis with our heads held high. Many exhibitors have kept their promise to exhibit at our exhibition again after the pandemic and we are now looking forward all the more to the professional exchange in the next four exhibition days. We are grateful for the trust and encouragement from the industry and our conceptual sponsors, the Verband Deutscher Büchsenmacher und Waffenfachhändler e.V. (VDB  – the Association of German Gunsmiths and Gun Traders) and the Verband der Hersteller von Jagd-, Sportwaffen und Munition (JSM – the German Firearms and Ammunition Manufacturers Association). From our point of view, the positive turnaround of IWA OutdoorClassics is clearly noticeable this year."

The team of will be on the road in the halls during the whole fair and will keep you informed about all exhibitor news and highlights as usual. 

This article will be updated throughout the first day of the fair.

VIDEO: STP – Sport Target Pistol by Prommersberger with new match pistols for IPSC

The Perfect Classic pistol has been on STP's development plan for quite some time: the high-precision match pistol is tailor-made for the IPSC Classic Division. Since a larger box size is permitted here, Prommersberger lengthened the gun from 5 to 5.4 inches.

This means that they had to shorten the magwell and beaver tail too. Weight was saved in the upper section of the gun in accordance with IPSC rules, but a heavy frame increases the weight, which makes the pistol perfectly balanced and very safe in the hand. Fittingly, a red dot sight is on board as standard. Anything 1911-compatible may be screwed on as grip panels. The gun shown by Prommersberger had a chromium nitride coating, but it is also available in DLC black. As for calibers, 9mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 ACP come as no surprise.

Custom-made pistols are Sport Target Pistol's bread and butter: Prommersberger showed us something very special with an "extended" pistol with 6-inch barrel chambered in .460 Rowland, a cartridge based on the .45 ACP with performance approaching the .44 Magnum. A standard 230-gr hardball bullet is pushed to 410 m/s, with a muzzle energy of 1260 joules. In addition, our specimen was equipped with a compensator and red dot sight. Sights can be changed in a snap for different IPSC disciplines with a newly developed screw system. Once again, STP's master gunsmiths demonstrate their expertise in the precision and modifiability of their gems, which they tailor precisely to the needs of the respective disciplines.

Mark 5HD-ZF scope series from Leupold and the newest 2-10x30 addition

With the Mark 5HD series, Leupold has a line of high-quality riflescopes for demanding hunters, sport shooters and law enforcement in its catalog. The family currently has four members. Its latest addition is the 2-10x30 medium-distance riflescope, which is also particularly suitable for use in conjunction with thermal and night vision clip-ons for hunters. The other Mark 5HD scopes come in 3.6-18x44, 5-25x56 and 7-35x56. The first scope with the unusual starting magnification of 3.6x is primarily at home in the PRS range.

That is, in the sporty, dynamic long-range range. The 5-25x is already in the wide long-range range. The same applies to its big brother, the particularly high-magnification 7-35x56. All in all, the Mark 5HD riflescopes from Leupold represent the premium segment for accurate shooting.

VIDEO: Pulsar Telos XP50 thermal imaging monocular, Krypton 2 thermal imaging add-on, Merger entry level binos

Surprises are a staple of Pulsar; after the unveiling of many new products at Shot Show, the european manufacturer again introduces a completely new hunting and sporting electro-optics product line, the Telos XP handheld thermal imaging monocular, and the upgrade to an existing range of products, the Krypton 2 line of thermal imaging front lens clip-on for daytime riflescopes, and the addition of the entry level model to its Merger flagship line of thermal binoculars.

Merger LRF XQ35: Top quality at a budget price 

Lets start from the end: the Pulsar Merger line now includes a budget oriented 384 pixel sensor resolution equipped model, the merger XQ35, that retains much of the features of the top end models, including sensitivity and thermal imaging processing engine. Price will be available soon.

Telos LRF XP50: Thermal imaging monocular with built-in laser rangefinder

A completely new product, the Pulsar Telos line of Thermal imaging monoculars includes two models, the XP50 and the LRF XP50, identical except for the integration of a 1000m laser range finder in the housing. Featuring peak performance with a 640x480, <18 mK NETD highly sensitive thermal sensor the Telos is also redesigned using the Pulsar design language, inspired by quality daytime optics, with sleek lines and an elegant appearance. The objective bell sports two adjustment rings, one for focusing, the second for digital image zoom – like in a digital camera. Prices start at 3,590 euro, with additional models due soon.

Krypton 2: next generation clip on front thermal imaging attachment

The Pulsar Krypton is a very popular and flexible thermal imaging front objective clip-on attachment, that can be used to convert traditional daytime hunting riflescopes to thermal view, preserving zero, accuracy and precision. Pulsar showcases the new generation of these electro optics: the Krypton 2 line, with two models, the FXG50 with high end 640x480 microbolometer sensor, and the FXQ35 with the capable and more affordable 384x288 sensor. The Krypton 2 optic can be installed in seconds to the riflescope, and can also be used stand-alone as a thermal imaging, hand-held monocular; for those markets in which a night vision/thermal imaging riflescope is restricted, Pulsar has available the XQ35 and XG50 versions, that lack the bayonet mount for the clip-on functionality and can be used as a monocular. Prices start at 2,490 euro.

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VIDEO: 3 highlights at German Precision Optics (GPO) – Rangeguide 2800, compact ED binoculars and Spectra 1-6x24 scope

GPO presented an overview of highlights from their product catalog at IWA 2023. Among them, the GPO Rangeguide rangefinding binoculars with 32mm objective: 8x and 10x magnifications are available. The 32 Rangeguide is the smallest rangefinder in the world. It is compact, but comes with a lot of features, such as: angle measurement, barometric readings, best and last target setting. It has a range of 2,800 meters. The devices are available for under 1,000 euros.

The ED binoculars shown are essentially the same as the Rangeguide, but without the rangefinding function. The binoculars of the series are particularly compact and are therefore suitable for driven hunts or stalking. Accordingly, they are also available in four colors: green, brown, sand, black and now also in orange. Prices start at 429 euros.

Coltellerie Maserin: Belum, the Italian army's assault troops dagger revised and corrected

Introduced at IWA 2023, the Maserin is a tribute to those who fought in World War I, like the grandfather of the company's owners.

A historic bladed weapon reinterpreted by Italian Coltellerie Maserin of Maniago, confirming their great attention to both the future and history. It is called Belum, and it was design to commemorate the great-grandfather of the Maserin brothers, Giuseppe, known as “Belù” (1885 -1972) Knight of Vittorio Veneto, who fought in World War I.
Designed by Alessandro "Bonus" Olivetto, the Belum draws its design from the assault troops daggers, which at the time were made from Italian mod. 1891 bayonets and manufactured in Maniago.

The Maserin Belum is delivered in a beautiful wooden box along with a genuine leather sheath.

The Maserin Belum is a rugged, extreme fixed-blade knife intended for cutting and working without the slightest yielding. The blade is made of N690 stainless steel with a satin finish, with a length of 202 millimeters and a thickness of 5 millimeters. The overall length of the knife is 320 millimeters, weighing 340 grams. The handle is fine walnut wood and while the 316 stainless steel knob is made with new 3D printing technology; the crossguard is made of 420 stainless steel. The Belum comes with a black leather sheath and is delivered in a military-style wooden box.

The blade of the Maserin Belum has a cutting edge on only one side. Approximate price is 389 euros.

VIDEO: Sellmark – Sightmark Core 2.0 Riflescopes, Mini Shot M-Spec M2 Solar, Short Gun Light Inforce WILD2 and Tripods

Sellmark presents several products under different brands, which are interesting for hunters and sport shooters also because of their convincing price-performance ratio. Leading the way are the Sightmark Core 2.0 riflescopes in 3-9x50 and 3-12x56 with illuminated MOA reticle. The Sightmark Core 2.0 riflescopes are just as suitable for the shooting range as for hunting use and can be used on both bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles.

Also from Sightmark comes the Wraith 4K mini Digital Riflescope night scope. Offering colorful long-range vision during the day, the scope switches to digital night vision at the touch of a button when darkness falls. The sight range is rated at 300 yards. The Sightmark Wraith 4K is available with 2-16x or 4-32x magnification. Attached in either case, an IR light with automatic adjustment. On board are video recording function and selectable color schemes in the display. A battery charge lasts for three and a half hours, but the optic can also be powered by a powerbank. Sightmark offers its own battery pack here, which connects to the Sightmark Wraith with a USB-C cable and, fittingly, can be mounted directly on the Picatinny rail.

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